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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

‘Bhindranwale Teri Soch Par ..’ – Khalistani slogans open in peasant movement, insulting tricolor: Watch video

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In the name of the peasant movement on the borders of Delhi, the crowd is constantly asking how such a holy demonstration can be connected with the Khalistanis. Now some videos have emerged in response to this question, which shows that there is an infiltration of Khalistanis in the entire demonstration.

This video has been shared by Anshul Saxena on Twitter. In this, one can hear how the protesters took the flag in their hands in support of terrorist Bhindranwale and terrorist Jagtar Singh Shouting slogans. It is being said, “Bhindranwale will rule your mind … Brother Jagtar Zindabad-Zindabad.” The creator of the video repeatedly takes the name of Jagtar Singh and asks him to rule Bhindranwale’s thinking.

Seeing the huge crowd in the video of a few seconds, it is said that the youth of Punjab who can be called addicts, have reached Modi today.

After this, in the second video, clearly the tricolor can be seen being insulted. The one who makes the video first looks at the tricolor and abuses it. Then proceeds to the protesters who hold the Khalsa flag in their hands. In the further visuals, the tricolor can be seen lying on the ground, pressed under the car while the Khalsa flag is seen all around in the hands.

It is worth mentioning that before this many times Khalistanis supported the peasant movement, but every time it was rejected saying that this issue is being forcefully linked to Khalistan. Innocent innocent farmers are being maligned. However, both the videos surfaced show that there is no proper motive for the demonstration nor is this protest against the agricultural law.

The mob’s violent agitation seems to be the only agenda of the crowd. Recently, the same act was seen in the national capital on 26 January and the same is happening now. Earlier, the banned Khalistani organization ‘Sikhs for Justice (SFJ)’ had announced that whoever hoists the Khalistani flag on the Red Fort in Delhi will be given $ 2.5 lakh (Rs 1.83 crore) as reward. Thereafter, the same organization was threatened with occupation and siege on 1 February.

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