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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Bhojpuri superstar Khesari Lal threatened to kill himself, said in live- ‘I am trying to make Sushant’

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Mumbai. Bhojpuri industry’s fame is waving everywhere these days. However, as fast as this industry is progressing, the superstars of this industry are also getting threats. The name of Bhojpuri superstar Khesari Lal has also been added to this list. Which has been revealed by the actor himself during an 11-minute Facebook Live. Khesari Lal has told that people have started making him Sushant Singh Rajput of Bhojpuri industry.

Bhojpuri superstar has informed during live that he is receiving death threats from many people of the industry. Although they are capable of fighting all these, but they cannot say what these people will do with them. Khesari says on Facebook Live, “I have come into Bhojpuri industry since 2011 and have been pricking people since then. Some people are planning to treat me like Sushant Singh Rajput too. Although I am not weak, I will not do this.

It is clear from Khesari’s talk that he was talking about indirect suicide in live. The actor further said that, ‘My opponents have a lot of money, but they can only buy the same with these money, not respect. Your threats do not matter, but I have done a lot for you and the industry. Love me, I’m not as bad as you think. ‘

Khesari Lal Yadav is a shining star of Bhojpuri cinema. Every person in Bhojpuri world recognizes the actor very well. Khesari Lal Yadav actress also keeps a lot of headlines because of Kajal Raghavani. Recently, actress Kajal had accused him that Khesari is trying to discredit him. Please tell that Khesari Lal’s songs are the biggest hit on YouTube.


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