Biden asks Congress for 100 billion euros for Ukraine, Israel and China’s Pacific neighbors

Biden asks Congress for 100 billion euros for Ukraine, Israel and China's Pacific neighbors

Being a “beacon to the world” does not come for free. So, one day later definition of the United States In these terms, in a televised speech to the nation about the war between Hamas and Israel and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden put a price on the scandal: 106.6 billion dollars (100.6 billion euros). That’s the amount The White House asked Congress as aid to Ukraine, Israel, and a series of Pacific countries adjacent to China, where it does not explicitly mention Taiwan – although it is believed to be one of the recipients of aid – and does so, indirectly, with Australia . Part of that amount will be humanitarian aid for Ukraine and, above all, Gaza.

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And, moreover, in a concession to the Republican opposition, Biden included more funds for the fight against illegal immigration. Another thing includes combating the wave of fentanyl and other opiates that has swept the United States and, finally, a small but significant amount has been allocated to the development of the US military industrial base to facilitate the production of weapons which the Pentagon increasingly sees as the key to its Cold War with China: nuclear submarines.

At the moment, the plan is only a declaration of intent, because the Republicans in Congress are in a real civil war that has led them to leave the House of Representatives without a president, which means that this body is not functioning and, because of this, , cannot approve any law, of any kind.

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By the way, the plan is as follows:

· $61.4 billion (58,000 million euros) in military aid to Ukraine which should serve to meet the needs of that country until after next year’s US election;

· 14.3 billion dollars (13.5 billion euros) in military aid to Israel, especially for supplying ammunition (especially artillery) used by Israel, and providing it with missiles for its Iron Dome anti-missile system. It also includes assistance in the development of a new anti-missile missile system;

· 14 billion dollars (13.2 billion euros) in the fight against illegal immigration including hiring more Border Patrol agents and strengthening the current security system;

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· 9.5 billion dollars (9 billion euros) in humanitarian aid to Ukraine and, above all, to Gaza;

· 4 billion dollars (3.8 billion euros) in aid to Pacific nations to confront China;

· 3.4 billion dollars (3.2 billion euros) to expand the four public shipyards under construction nuclear submarines so that these ships can be sent as soon as possible to Australia, as part of the AUKUS agreement (to which Great Britain is also a party) signed in 2021 to against the presence of the Chinese In the Pacific.