Biden got laser eyes, does he really believe in Bitcoin?

Biden got laser eyes, does he really believe in Bitcoin?
Important facts:
  • US Presidents often use laser eyes to reference the “Dark Brandon” meme.
  • Bitcoiners recalled that people who believe in Bitcoin use laser eyes.

US President Joe Biden posted a photo of himself with laser eyes on social media. For the Bitcoin (BTC) community, the President’s actions raise questions: Did he become a supporter of BTC?

On Instagram and Twitter, Biden published an image in which he is seen smiling and wearing bright red eyes like laser rays. This is a special thing It is commonly used in the BTC community To refer to a focused vision until the price of the asset reaches US$100,000.

Since publication, hundreds of Bitcoiners came forward to question and even satirize Biden’s “Bitcoiner” image.

Samson Mo, CEO of the company JAN3, said the image of Biden making laser eyes look “disgusting.” “Now I have to take them off,” he said, laughing.

“This is how they prevent Bitcoin from reaching $100,000,” Moe said, referring to the fact that by their actions, Biden and his government prevent BTC from reaching prices that exceed all-time highs. Are.

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Another Bitcoiner, Seth (@seth_fin) questioned whether Biden has laser eyes Because he became optimistic about Bitcoin, Something like this, he says, “wouldn’t surprise them” because the largest asset managers in the world are from the United States and believe in BTC. Thus he referenced BlackRock and other companies that have Bitcoin ETFs traded on the stock market.

Some Bitcoiners flirt with the idea of ​​what Biden’s image is before the bull run For btc price. While others emphasize that the US President already has ties to cryptocurrencies and has even purchased Bitcoins.

Biden no cry n bitcoin

Now, did Biden get laser eyes because he believes in Bitcoin? The reality is that no. The President used the same badge of the Bitcoiner community, but in his case it was in reference to his second self “Dark Brandon”, with whom he has also campaigned for the presidency For this 2024.

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In his social media post, Biden accompanied a photo of himself with laser-beam eyes with the message, “Just as we painted it.”

It references a conspiracy theory indicating that the American football championship final will be the Super Bowl. Was purchased and will favor the Kansas City Chiefs team, where the superstar plays Taylor Swift’s current boyfriend Travis Kelce. All this was done with the intention that the pop singer would support Biden’s re-election.

In fact, the Kansas City Chiefs defeated their rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, 25-22 in the game held last Sunday, February 11. It was time for Biden (or his social media team) to take advantage of this uproar To use “Dark Brandon” And indirectly promoting voting in favor of the current President.

Last year, Biden’s team used “Dark Brandon” to promote the US president’s re-election. As CryptoNoticias reported, a mug with a printed image of Joe Biden and the number 2024 using laser eyes began to be sold. With the intention of supporting the presidential campaign.

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Bitcoiners find it “weird” that Biden decided to use the community badge for campaigning. Some think that on the inside of the US government, affiliates are stealing Bitcoin “memes” and selling them as marketing campaigns to high-level government actors “without bothering anyone.”

In any case, it is clear that Biden has laser eyes These have nothing to do with Bitcoin or its technology, Also remember that they have not been opened with BTC since their administration.

According to the Biden administration, cryptocurrencies have no fundamental value. Additionally, the administration is conducting an emergency investigation against Bitcoin mining companies in the US. And, not in line with this, various regulatory proposals have emerged from Biden’s office that demand more aggressive regulation Against the ecosystem.


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