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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Biden, Indo-Pacific Launches Trump’s Footsteps, USS Nimitz to Teach China Lessons

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new Delhi: Following Trump’s footsteps, Biden has landed his war fleet USS Nimitz in the Indo-Pacific to teach China a lesson. The Pentagon has announced that the USS Nimitz has been landed in the South China Sea, where it will monitor the world’s busiest international maritime zone.

The USS Nimitz has previously been tapped into the Middle East, which was seen as a sign of possible spontaneous tensions between the United States and Iran. The Pentagon’s decision also indicates that the Joe Biden administration may continue the strict approach taken by former President Donald Trump.

President Biden has not yet spoken to his Chinese counterpart to ensure this. The State Department said that before engaging with China, it wanted to remain silent with the United States first.

Pentagon press secretary John F. Kirby said the secretary (Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III) was conscious of the larger geospatial picture when he approved the launch of the carrier strike group into the Indo-Pacific region. Kirby declined to provide details about the USS Nimitz’s next deployment to the US Indo-Pacific region.

China watchers in New Delhi said the Biden administration’s decision indicated that the US could expand its presence around the South China Sea to support 36 countries in the Asia Pacific region, many of which border with Beijing. Are embroiled in controversy.

The Biden administration has already confirmed its “rock-solid” commitment to Taipei. Which indicates that it will continue Trump’s policy with Taiwan, which is part of President Xi Jinping’s One China Policy.

Another war plane USS Theodore Roosevelt reached the South China Sea last month. After which Chinese military aircraft practiced missile strikes on American aircraft carrier. This included some of the bombing fighters using the USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group as a simulated target.


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