Biden shuts Jinping’s phone, shows tough attitude in first conversation


Biden shuts Jinping's phone, shows tough attitude in first conversation

Sanjeev Trivedi, New Delhi: Joe Biden called President Xi Jinping of China for the first time after becoming the US President. In the first conversation, Biden showed strong opposition to Jinping, protesting against China’s unfair economic and trade practices. He also raised the question of Chinese security agencies’ crackdown, human rights violations and undue pressure on Taiwan in Hong Kong.

According to the White House, Biden pressured Chinese leader Xi Jinping in human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang in his first call after assuming the new US president on January 20. In the call, Biden told Jinping that his priority was to protect the safety, prosperity, health and way of life of the American people, and to approach China only if it favored the American people.

The two leaders also talked about the Kovid-19 epidemic, climate change and the proliferation of weapons. Officials in Beijing confirmed the phone call, with state media reporting that the two sides “exchanged in-depth views on bilateral relations and major international and regional issues.”

Xi Jinping did not delay in replying to this statement. The mouthpiece of the Chinese government is written in the Global Times quoting Jinping. Within an hour of the conversation, Global Times wrote that Xi Jinping told Biden that whether Taiwan or Hong Kong or Xinjiang – these are all internal issues of China, linked to China’s sovereignty. That is why China hopes that America will respect China’s core interest.

However, there is bound to be a rift between the two countries in the coming times. Before Biden spoke to the Chinese president, the Pentagon formed a special task force that would protect American security interests against China. Not only this, Biden has also banned China-backed Myanmar’s military regime.