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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Big Boss 14 Live Update: Householders against Sonali for throwing food, declared live task winners

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Today, Friday was a ruckus in the house of Colors TV’s reality show Bigg Boss 14. The same task continued in the episode today, which has been going on since yesterday. During the buzzing task, Arshi Khan pressed the buzzer, after which she started doing entertainment inside the house with Rakhi Sawant. Where he first attacked Rakhi’s husband and threatened to snatch her from them. In the second round, Abhinav and Rakhi started doing this task and Rakhi hit the buzzer in the task while winning.

Where Rakhi did entertainment in this task, first started with her name and showed her Bombay style. After this, he jokingly told Sonali to express his love to Ali. After which Rakhi started the split personality game in which she was constantly becoming Rakhi and Julie. All the family members were also laughing seeing the style of Rakhi.

Quarrel between Nikki and Devolina

During the buzzer round, Nikki first pressed the buzzer. After which she told people what she thinks about them instead of entertaining them. Meanwhile, Devolina entered the live task of Nikki as Gopi Bahu. Where, during this time, there was a fight between the two. During this feud, both of them whipped each other a lot.

Rubina played the buzzer

Rubina did not give anything to anyone in the name of entertainment, she just passed everyone’s time and she was moving from here to there. But everything he did was not shown on TV. This is really amazing.

Ruckus between Arshi and Sonali over bread

During lunch, Sonali told Arshi in the kitchen area that she wants to eat bread, not rice. In response to which Arshi Khan first denied him, but after a while Sonali approved at Ali’s behest. But Sonali ran her mind and mixed the bread of two flours together and ate a thick roti. But meanwhile, after Arshi’s entry, Sonali demanded more rotis, on which Arshi got angry and Sonali went and threw her food. On seeing this thing, the housekeepers beat Sonali a lot. After which everyone turned against Sonali.

Live Task Winners Announced

Bigg Boss finally declared the winner of the live task. Where Rubina and Rakhi won this task.

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