Big Brother 2022 is coming: first images of the house and the driver’s word, Santiago del Moros

Big Brother 2022 is coming: first images of the house and the driver's word, Santiago del Moros

He showed Big Brother’s house 2022 for the first time

Not long after, the “father of all reality shows” returns to television: elder brother, so declared phone, at the end of June with drums and cymbals and slowly things are taking color. Some auditions for the casting of the contestants have already been leaked, the hilarious results of which were first seen on the network. and now, very slowly, the interior of what is known as “The most famous house in the country”, In which there will be some differences from the previous versions.

was shown in the images a la barbarosa, Telefe’s circle leads momentarily Veronica Lozano, where a cell phone was placed inside the house to allow the public to get in the mood. Of course, at the moment the production only allows short general shots, to keep the curiosity and intrigue until the very last moment. The person in charge of carrying out the tour was Roberto Funes-Ugarte Who visited the much-awaited confession of futuristic rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and those currently under construction. And most importantly, cameras that will be located at strategic locations and which will record each and every activity.

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Despite his efforts, Funes was unable to make anyone give up on the final arrangement of the rooms. “TeaEveryone working signed a confidentiality agreement”, pointed Lozano in front of the workers’ silence. So, to get direct information, he directly contacted santiago del morosWho will be the host of this version of reality.

Alex Caniggia’s ex-girlfriend, one of the ambitious Big Brothers: “It may reveal some of their intimacy,” he assures (LAM)

“Amazing. About three thousand meters (sq.) will be the house. It will be part of the gallery, dining room, kitchen, bathroom. There are two rooms and then there will be a SUM with a living room and a kitchen, a private space,” the former said masterchef celebrityWho gave more details about the scenes: “At the end of the house there is a corridor that leads to a stage or a microstadium”, he guessed to intrigue everyone.

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“A great Big Brother is coming, We’re going to work with augmented reality and that would be great, Missing less and less”, he closed without giving more details or specifying the start date, which is estimated to be in the month of October. And given the insistence of the floor, and the rumbling noise of the doorlock plates and drills, the chronicler didn’t even want to reveal the location of the house. “Andin the province of Buenos Aires or in the capital”To add to the mystery, Roberto’s closed.

Santiago Del Moro Will Lead Big Brother 2022
Santiago del Moro will lead Big Brother 2022

“Do you have a special diet?”, “Do you have a relationship with a celebrity?”, “What are your ideals?”, “What would be your game strategy?”, “What would you be willing to do to win ?”, These are some of the questions that appear in the casting which the candidates have to answer to be a part of it. elder brotherIn addition to personal data such as name, surname, age and occupation.

With this premise, various people recorded videos and sent them with the aim of being selected to enter the most famous house in the country. And as of the present day, a variable in relation to earlier editions of reality shows, social networks were in charge of revealing the most extraordinary personalities of the applicants. This is how a policeman, a porn actor, a sexist, a spoiled woman and even a self-styled “Summer Influencer” aired. Others enrolled have some experience in this area, such as Matthias Schrank, one of the finalists of the 2015 edition; luis cerdaremember step matter of weight, Ariel Calfucurawho has already worked with Santiago del Moro Countdown by Muchmusic You Macarena Herrera, former partner of Alex Caniggia, The one who finally promised to reveal the intimacy of the relationship if chosen.

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