Big surprise at Alpine for 2024

Big surprise at Alpine for 2024

The greatest achievement of Alpine in the competition it is the triplet of Monte Carlo Rally in 1973 and now there is a car to commemorate that feat (at least by name). About this nuevo Alpine A110 R You havethe version that will be added to the offer in 2024.

A110 R Turini, renewed in 2024

The catalog of A110 in 2024 will be created in the current versions FRAMEWORK, GT, S y R to be accompanied by A110 R Type (whose name refers to the most legendary stage of the Monegasque rally) with a small dot less radical than its name. In addition, since all R orders are made until the end of 2024, it will offer a new opportunity to get a top-of-the-range unit of the French brand.

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The A110 R Turini is a bit less radical, which some appreciate.

she KIND copied the unique aesthetics of A110 Rbut changing to surrounding carbon for more conventional, with GT Race design, also in matte black and in 18″ size, but in aluminum alloyso – even if it takes away some of its exclusivity, since carbon wheels are very rare on the car – it gives it a touch of comfort on the road (and, why not say it, one is less worried about harming them).

Another innovation in the range is incorporating the color Coral Orange included in the customization palette Atelier Alpine.

Prices are higher than the current ones (between 2,500 and 3,500 euros more), although Renault specifies that it has extended standard equipment in all versions. she Turini (108,000 euros) It is slightly cheaper than the A110 R, although it is more than 100,000 euros.

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Alloy wheels instead of carbon ones are Turini’s biggest innovation.

Time flies…

she year 2024 will be important for Alpine since transition to your future electricity with the launch of its first battery-powered model: the A290the spicier version of the Renault 5, which will be released at the beginning of the year.

Given the Alpine will soon become a 100% electric brand and that the replacement of the A110 with clean functionality will not be long in coming … time is running out for a model that represents like few others more traditional driving: sportiness based on light and feelings.

Alpine 2024 range prices

  • Alpine A110 – 67,800 euros
  • Alpine A110 GT – 79,100 euros
  • Alpine A110 S – 80,900 euros
  • Alpine A110 R Type – 108,000 euros
  • Alpine A110 R – 114,000 euros
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