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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilac opened her life with black secrets, told- ‘mind comes to suicide’

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Mumbai. The journey of Bigg Boss 14 is very close to Finale. Meanwhile, the family members are seen opening up the dark secrets of their life along with the fighting. In the last episode of the weekend, Salman Khan fiercely rubbed Rubina Dilac’s class. At the same time, his anger on Abhinav Shukla also came out fiercely. Meanwhile, Rubina made a disclosure that Salman Khan, including John Contestant, was taken aback.

Salman Khan flashed on Rubina Dilek and said that where are you so angry? You always do only yourself, you want to win yourself. Does not listen to others at all. But why is this so? Rubina Dilac gets very emotional while replying to this and says, ‘Last 8 years ago I was exactly the same short tamper. I did not want to listen to anyone’s words. She used to get angry quickly. Perhaps all this is because my relationship with my family was not good and that was the reason for my breakup too. During this time, I have thought about suicide several times. Hearing Rubina’s words, everyone gets shocked, after which Salman also leaves angry and starts convincing them.

Salman Khan advises Rubina Dilak, saying, ‘Rubina, the world is beautiful, you live life well and try to carve yourself’. After this, Rubina Dilac also revealed that her mental balance is not going well, so she has been requesting Big Boss to send a psychiatrist for 2 days.

Let us know that on Monday, February 8, the support of the family is coming to the show. Which will help them in the game ahead. Whereas Jasmin to support Rubina along with her sister, Ali, Jan Sanu has come to the house to support Nikki Tamboli. Arshi Khan’s journey last night ended with Bigg Boss 14 and she became homeless just two weeks before the finale.


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