Bill Gates has revealed the type of fuel he uses in his planes

Bill Gates has revealed the type of fuel he uses in his planes

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) will take place on Thursday, November 30 in Dubai. Bill Gates, who is committed to the environment and reducing the carbon footprint, explains in his Gates Notes why he will attend the event. And again, he reveals the personal actions he has taken in the last few years, to play in favor of reducing the Earth’s carbon footprint.

Bill Gates admits that he is focused on the fight against climate change. He says that the work done by world governments and various foundations (including his and his wife, Melinda) is favorable for reducing carbon emissions.

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The United Nations has a goal of reducing carbon emissions by half within 30 years. Bill Gates admits that he still needs to reduce it, but he says what he has done to this end.

“Personally, I know that I have a high carbon footprint and I am taking many steps to reduce my own emissions and recover what I cannot eliminate,” said the philanthropist in his Gates Notes.

“When I fly, I buy sustainable, low-carbon airplane fuel made from alternative fuels to fossil fuels. I install solar panels on my houses and drive an electric vehicle. “I have paid ClimeWorks several million dollars in recent years to remove enough carbon from the air to offset the remaining emissions,” added the Microsoft co-founder.

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And as if that was not enough, the North American tycoon recalled that he began to distance himself from the energy industry by selling his shares to avoid carbon emissions.

“In 2019 I started selling my direct holdings in oil and gas companies because I didn’t want to profit from them while the world was transitioning to clean energy,” Bill Gates wrote.

“I’m lucky to be able to pay the fees. Many of the best methods, especially removing carbon and gasoline from the air, are too expensive for widespread use. I do it because I can and I have to, and because I want to help these new technologies build a customer base that will lower prices and help them achieve broad scale. I hope that my approach continues to evolve so that this financing has the greatest impact,” he emphasized in the blog he wrote for his followers.

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