Billie Eilish fans are going crazy over the Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 2 collab

Billie Eilish and Nicki Minaj

Billie Eilish fans are not happy with Nicki Minaj after learning that a teased collaboration between the pair on the iconic rapper’s new album was just a sample.

Trinidadian rapper and singer-songwriter Minaj dropped her highly anticipated fifth studio album, Pink Friday 2, on Friday, December 8.

Featuring 22 songs, the album, which follows on from Minaj’s 2010 release Pink Friday, includes several high-profile collaborations with artists such as Drake, Lourdiz, and Lil Wayne.

However, it’s the Grammy-award-winning Eilish’s part of the album that has fans in a chokehold.

A day before the album’s drop, Pop Crave shared a picture of the two artists side by side on X, formerly Twitter, with the caption: “Nicki Minaj confirms Billie Eilish is a featured artist on Pink Friday 2.”

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Fans flooded the post with praise for the “iconic collab,” with many calling it “incredible” and dubbing the pair “moms.”. At the time of writing, Pop Crave’s post has been viewed over 432,000 times and liked 15,000 times.

However, after playing the album, fans were disappointed to discover that only a 50-second sample of Eilish’s 2018 song “When the Party’s Over” was used to open Minaj’s song “Are You Gone Already?”.

In recent weeks, Eilish has opened up about her sexuality, first revealing that she’s attracted to women in an interview with Vanity Fair, then confirming it in a red carpet interview by asking, “No, is it clear?”

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Although the “What Was I Made For” hitmaker’s breakout has seen the pop sensation lose a small portion of her 110 million Instagram followers, her loyal fans are still rooting for her, and those who leave are probably not true fans.

Eilish stans weren’t too impressed with the “when the party’s over” snippet shown in the Pink Friday 2, with one social media user writing, “I thought there was an actual collaboration with Billie…”

Another disappointed fan posted that they wanted a part, with a comment under the post adding “me and you both.”.

Some commented that “Billie never sang,” while others questioned why Minaj used Eilish’s sample.

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