Billionaire Charles Koch is betting on Nikki Haley to defeat Donald Trump

Billionaire Charles Koch is betting on Nikki Haley to defeat Donald Trump

This is the candidate who is advancing in the Republican primary: Nikki Haley received the support this Tuesday from the billionaire Charles Koch, one of the biggest donors to the American right. Strong support should help the former governor of South Carolina constitute a moderate alternative to Donald Trump, ahead of the polls.

It’s a promise of virtually unlimited campaign funds with one goal: defeating Donald Trump in the Republican primary that begins next January. Nikki Haley is best placed to beat Trump, our internal polls show » wrote the powerful conservative group American for Prosperity in announcing its official support on Tuesday for the former United States ambassador to the UN in the race for the Republican nomination.

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Nikki Haley is increasingly distancing herself with Donald Trump. ” I disagree with a lot of his decisions, but right or wrong, he’s a mess. “, he said this week in a meeting in his state.

Trump is still far ahead

For weeks, the only woman in the primary has definitely emerged in the polls and fundraising, to the point of challenging Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the second position in some states, but she still remains far from the big favorite.

Trump has crushed all of his opponents by at least 40 points in all public polls for months. Americans for Prosperity is a libertarian lobbying group launched in 2004 and funded by two billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch.

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Ironically, he supported the Tea Party movement and contributed to the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and now he will inject millions of dollars into Nikki Haley’s campaign to defeat her. A bet that left most American analysts skeptical.