Bills fan who kicked off Bills Mafia’s giving trend reacts to Chiefs Kingdom donations

Bills fan who kicked off Bills Mafia's giving trend reacts to Chiefs Kingdom donations

BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) — More than $150,000 has been raised for Oishei Children’s Hospital after the Bills lost to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Now, one special Bills fan known for giving is weighing in on this generosity.

On the last day of 2017, the Bills punched their ticket to the post season with the help of Andy Dalton and the Bengals. After that game, a Bills fan living in – funny enough – Grand Island, Nebraska came up with the idea of ​​donating to Dalton’s Foundation as a thank you.

“I was just thinking how to express our gratitude, so I just Google’d Andy Dalton,” Kevin Forrest said. “His foundation is the first thing that came up, so I figured that would be meaningful to him. They do good in the world, so I saw no better way to repay them for what he did to help us.”

That initial donation from Kevin Forrest led to more than $450,000 raised for The Andy and JJ Dalton Foundation, which helps children with medical and special needs, along with their families. Afterward, he got to meet the QB in a trip paid for by the Bills.

“(Dalton) kind of laughed and was like, ‘Who would have thought?'” Forrest recalled.

Since then, Bills Mafia has donated millions to foundations in Cincinnati, Baltimore, Chicago, Buffalo and beyond. You could argue Forrest began a spirit of donating that Bills Mafia is now known for.

And now, another fanbase has jumped on board this giving train. Thousands of dollars have poured into Oishei Children’s Hospital from Kansas City after the Chiefs beat the Bills in overtime on Sunday.

It was started by a KC fan who said Bills Mafia inspired him to donate to Josh Allen’s favorite charity.

“It’s a way for Chiefs fans to celebrate that we won, and how, and at the same time, giving much due respect to Josh Allen, the Bills and Bills Mafia,” Chiefs fan Brett Fitzgerald told News 4 earlier this week. “The credit goes to Bills Mafia,” he added. “I’m just some guy who put something on the internet.”

“What can be done across the board with that money that’s raised is just unfathomable really,” Forrest said.

“You get the stereotypes about drinking Canadian beer, jumping through tables, squirting ketchup and mustard, the Pinto Ron stuff … but deep down, I think Bills fans collectively are generally, good-hearted people, so it’s not at all surprising to me that it started here.”

So how did Forrest become a Bills fan, living in Nebraska? He said when he was in 3rd grade, his best friend’s dad, who was from WNY, convinced him to jump on board with the Bills. After kicking off millions of dollars in donations, it seems like a good decision.