Bird flu outbreak in United States, 40 million dead poultry recorded

Bird flu illustration – Workers carrying the carcass of a gray heron killed by a bird flu outbreak in the Hula Valley, Israel (12/26/2021). [JALAA MAREY / AFP]

The attacking bird flu virus (HAPAI) is A(H5). Apart from poultry farms, this virus also attacks wild birds in America. – Bird flu outbreak in the United States. A total of more than 40 million birds died from contracting the virus.

Reporting from the official CDC website, the bird flu virus that attacks is (HAPAI) A (H5). Apart from poultry farms, this virus also attacks wild birds in America.

This type of virus was last discovered in 2016 in Uncle Sam’s country.

Bird flu attacks have occurred in at least 39 US states. The state of Utah was the region with the most influence.

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Around 12,700 cases of death of both poultry and wild animals have been reported across the state.

Bird flu in the United States was first reported on July 21 in Seminole, Florida. This was followed by thousands of other cases in several other states, until the last in Northampton Pennsylvania on 11 August.

The avian flu pandemic that spread to various regions of the Americas suddenly pushed up the price of the supply of poultry, increasing both meat and eggs. Since the end of last July, the price of eggs has increased by 46% compared to last year.

Wild Care Rehabilitation San Francisco even restricts visitors to minimize contamination with the animals they handle.

“It is spread by respiratory droplets, through feces and contaminated surfaces,” said one of the veterinarians at the facility.

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Not only have the prices of chicken meat and eggs increased, the bird flu outbreak in the US has also reduced the supply of these poultry products. In some areas that have not been infected by the virus, local farmers have started isolating their poultry to avoid unwanted bad incidents.


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