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Bismac Biyombo, the NBA star who wants to end poverty

Sometimes poverty becomes pride. “If I hadn’t grown up without enough, I wouldn’t be who I am today,” he reflects. Bismack Biyombo (Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 08-28-1992), 12 years already in the NBA and two years in the Phoenix Suns. Perhaps because the worst of his life has passed, he exudes a composure and a calmness that appeals to him and that legitimizes him as one of the wisest advisers in the wardrobe. chris paul, “We know we will go to the play-offs, the important thing is to be ready for that moment, we don’t have to put pressure on ourselves,” says former D Fuenlabrada, Charlotte Hornets, Toronto Raptors and Orlando Magic.

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The basketball environment has always revolved around all of Biyombo’s social concerns, sociable and eager to touch on all topics in a deep and disparaging conversation in MD, not only his current in the NBA but his deep and Growing Work and Solidarity Businesses through its foundation, the vulnerable situation in his native DR Congo, his time in Spain and a firm Christian faith in God that led him to seek even pope francisco to the Vatican in June.

One of many trips undertaken by Biyombo, one out of bohemian necessity and later out of solidarity. Congo to Qatar and Yemen to play before being drafted by Sacramento on the 17th of 2011, and from there to Spain with Fuenlabrada. Although it does not close on holidays. And absolutely not to go from beach to beach.

“In the summer I travel to different parts of the world to understand the problems that are happening in these countries and how they are trying to solve them in order to help people, not just Africa”, Biyombo deserves it. Poverty was what led him to basketball and now he tries to make a difference in the lives of others through it, with a foundation that has built schools and hospitals on his land. “Growing up in a country like Congo helps you grow up fast and understand how things are done in the country. Now that I have had enough, I feel I can do for others. I Thank God because, without him, I wouldn’t have made it this far”, stresses Dhuri, Eldest of seven siblings.

In Sons he has had to avoid receiving the message of encouragement that his father sends him before each game, being so close to his father that his death in summer 2021 It took away his desire to continue enjoying his livelihood in the mecca of basketball. Because of that deep feeling for his father, he didn’t debut with Phoenix until January 2022, despite the fact that the Arizona franchise signed him in free agency in October. and for that they donated their full salary Last season ($1.3 million) to build a hospital in his home country.

“My father is always close to me, that’s for sure. He was my best friend It was everything to me. But from time to time in life, as I say, what we want is not what God gives you. For me, my father was something special and I wanted to give him the gift of building a hospital to continue helping people, as he always wanted to do something for others. He invested the money so that he could leave the country and become a professional player, which was also a dream for him. my father knew about me something the world didn’t know And because of basketball, I’m here and I can do more. And because of basketball, I can offer him something even if he is not here”, highlights Bismac Biyombo.

For that unwavering faith, but also to reveal his work, he went to the Vatican at the end of last season. Another country of so many people that he has visited in the name of basketball and solidarity. “It was very important for me to meet the Pope because many players do work in their communities and many are older than me. Ricky Rubio (With its foundation against cancer) is another matter, it is a big matter. I was very lucky to be able to meet the Pope and talk to him about what I do in my country and to me it meant something that I can’t even explain, it was a moment of life, We talked about many things”, says Biyombo. “I also have to thank the people around me for helping me, because without them, I cannot help others,” he explained.

Kendra is convinced that he can change the world. and he recognizes and it hurts him that today, completely XXI century, Poverty continues to be rampant in many countries and there is no general desire of the developed countries to eradicate it, but they approach it with optimism and patience. This is the ultimate question of negotiation, but Biyombo wants to elaborate, tackling the topic for what it is: He speaks during negotiations. 2 minutes non stop.

“Yeah, it’s an issue that looks at … we have a war in the east now in the Congo. What happens? There will always be problems and I don’t really like to talk about them because I love to take action. We have to build schools for children, we have to give them books, we don’t have to kill them. Your heart hurts every time you think about it, but I understand that no one can do everything, we all have to help. At Christmas we (referring to his foundation) did something for the kids in the war zone because In the end, kids want to be kids.” Biyombo, committed to a progressive reform.

“I see a change, people talk more about problems in other countries”

Bismack Biyombo

“The important thing is that people think that change doesn’t have to be ‘dramatic’, that by contributing only 2-3% we will already be making a difference. But little by little we can reach 10% and May be the same in 10 years. We will be in 20%, so it can be said that change has happened. yes i see the change, people talk more about what is happening because of the telephone and the network. It’s a step forward because it wasn’t talked about before”, argues the Congolese interior, who grew up admiring his compatriot among others. dikembe mutombo Or Hakeem Olajuwon.

“We’ve learned that having the best record in the league doesn’t guarantee you anything”

Biyombo, although strict in his life, has spent many years in the glamor of the NBA, but the memories of his debut are still alive and he prefers to talk about them before the Suns’ delicate situation. Every summer, before staying in Andalusia to rest for a few days, he passes fuelbrada To greet your friends. The Fuenlabreno club – where he played between 2009 and 2011 – was the showcase in which he showed himself in the world’s best league in his ‘youth’ years. There he ended up in the hands of his agent, Igor Crespo, after Portugal coach Mario Palma discovered him at the age of 16 at a championship in Jordan. He averaged 6.4 points, 5 rebounds and 9.6 PIR in 17 minutes in the 10–11 season.

“At that time I was a young man with a dream of reaching the NBA and going through Fuenlabrada helped get me here And there were many people who supported me during my career. I always thank god because you can have something in your mind, but if god doesn’t want, he doesn’t give it to you. But there have been times I’ve been lucky”, highlights Lubumbashi’s interior, controlling the anxiety that surrounds Sun.

Biyombo with Chris Paul. both looking for their first ring

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team of monty williams, minus multiple injuries to Devin Booker, Chris Paul, Cam Johnson and Landry Schmett, has dropped to 10th in the West after 8 losses in the last 10 games. and with surprising erudition against that certain ‘dissent’ Dallas In last year’s conference semi-finals as background noise.

“We have many injured players, it is something that happens with other teams as well. But the most important thing is to try to win because we have got enough players and we can do that. What happened last year was shameful, but we learned from it and moved on. We are focussing on the end of the season, thank god we have the same players. last year we finished Best record in the league (64–18) But it is not a guarantee that you will win the championship and so this year we are thinking a lot about the play-offs. We have changed our way of thinking a bit, there are games we lose and there is no one who reacts one way or the other, rather we learn by looking at how we can improve”. Biyombo warned about the ‘politics’ of some Suns who want the ring despite being ‘more secretive’.

“Now when we lose games nobody reacts one way or another”

Bismack Biyombo

Perhaps with even more motivation after what happened in the 20-21 season – against the loss in the final box After starting to win 2-0, that eagerness to win put too much pressure on some of the Suns, who blamed physical problems at the end. chris paul, with whom Biyombo shares the role of a veteran in the locker room. The center is averaging 3.6 points and 3.7 rebounds in 13.6 minutes this season, shooting 55.7% from the field and a plus-minus of +1.5.

“I came here because I wanted to win. I feel great in this role as dressing room leader, we are lucky to be able to work closely with Chris Paul, who I am already in the team with. Was. players association, Him as the President and me as the Vice President. We have a unique relationship and what matters now is how we can help the players on the court and make everyone feel comfortable. moreover second unity He is a bit young and you have to keep fighting. We need every player because when the play-offs come things change from minute to minute”, explains Bismac Biyombo while chasing the greatest property For a player, however, for him, whose life revolves not only around one field, there will be no greatest happiness To eradicate poverty wherever possible.

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