Biting language, military issues and polarization dominate the election campaign

Biting language, military issues and polarization dominate the election campaign

The election campaign in Poland began a week ago: biting language, military issues and polarization are its main axes. However, playing only on emotions (rather than arguments) may not bring the parties the success they hope for, as voters seem to be more demanding.

_“One of the main issues should be security due to such a geopolitical situation. I see concrete proposals and actions from Law and Justice in this regard. I’m missing a few details, visions and proposals for a concrete plan of action.” the opposition parties._I miss a factual debate; Of course there has to be this simple and concrete message, but it cannot completely replace the party program.”says Nathan Organ, a supporter of Derecha Unida.

According to experts, the language and message of this campaign are the result of the tense situation in the region and in the country.

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_”The deeper militarization of the language is of course understandable given the ongoing war. The parties are trying to show that they are proposing some measures that provide certainty, and the need for certainty is fundamental.”On the other hand, the brutalization of the election campaign in Poland can be traced back to deeper polarization.”explains Malgorzata Moleda-Zdziech, professor at the Warsaw School of Economics.

A protest in front of the public television building, influenced by the ruling party, is an example of how deep the polarization is on informational, linguistic and ideological levels.

Demonstrators accuse television and the ruling party of ignoring the needs of opposition voters; For them, raising the issue of safety is not enough, nor is the campaign’s harsh language.

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_“We must separate the language and slogans of the ruling party from those of the widely understood opposition; the ruling party was probably badly managed by media specialists because the slogan (safe future for Poles) is very weak.” The opposition’s language is unpleasant and even insults the intelligence of its supporters. Obviously there is a legitimate concern about a possible bad election result.”says Katarzyna Biel, a Civic Platform supporter.

The nationalist Confederation Party seems to benefit most from the struggle between the two main parties and the introduction of softer language tactics in the campaign.

“The main parties Law and Justice and Civic Platform – I see their campaigns quite negatively – are, in my opinion, more concerned with the electoral process than with the real needs of Poles. The Confederacy Party is a little different — they tend to try not to get involved in any media dispute.”explains Maciej Korneluk, a sympathizer of the Confederation.

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“Picnics, parades, rallies across the country. At the end of summer, politicians compete between the cities they visit and the voters. However, experts say this is the last action that is likely to decide the outcome of the elections, although it will. “So far it is not known which,” Account Magdalena Chodownik, for Euronews, from Warsaw.


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