BJP reached the Election Commission against Mamta, lodged this complaint


New Delhi: The BJP lodged a complaint with the Election Commission against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee over the remarks against Union Home Minister Amit Shah and demanded legal action against him.

A BJP delegation accused the chief minister of carrying out a “campaign of defamation” against Shah.

Banerjee recently alleged during a rally in Bankura on 16 March that Shah was influencing the election commission. He said in the rally, “Who is running the Election Commission, are you running the Election Commission?”

The BJP further said that Banerjee had alleged that Shah was plotting in Kolkata and tried to tarnish the image of the Home Minister and other senior leaders of the party.

BJP said, “A campaign is being launched to tarnish the image and reputation of Amit Shah and other senior BJP leaders.” The intention is to spread misinformation and thereby unfairly influence voters. ”

BJP wants legal action against Mamta

The language used by Banerjee has not only spoiled the electoral atmosphere, but has also encouraged Trinamool Congress workers to further reduce the level of justification by supporting them.

The BJP party urged the Election Commission to immediately ban Banerjee from further speeches and take appropriate legal action against her current and past conduct in “gross contempt, model code of conduct and gross violation of electoral laws”.

He said that we request the Election Commission to take appropriate legal action against Mamata Banerjee for cheating, degrading her behavior and passing prohibitory orders, otherwise it can spoil the electoral atmosphere, where abusive and Spreading false news will become inevitable and ideal.