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Blackout at home? Four devices to stay connected

Two women light up the living room of their home with flashlights in Barcelona in 2020.
Two women light up the living room of their home with flashlights in Barcelona in 2020.Albert Garcia

In summer, the arrival of suffocating heat, especially in some areas of the country, increases power consumption and increases the chances of a terrible blackout. A power outage never comes at a good time, but with today’s technology you can avoid going back in time and start lighting candles all over your house and live without a plug. What devices can get us out of trouble in case of a home blackout?

a power station, when blackouts are frequent

If you live in an area where blackouts are frequent and of considerable duration, it may be worth considering purchasing a charging station. Is known power stationThese are basically large rechargeable batteries but adapted for home use.

These bulky devices have all kinds of connectors (USB in its main forms), a cigarette lighter socket, and, most importantly, conventional plugs. Logically, it’s all about charging and storing this device in order to use it in the event of a blackout, and placing it in a central area of ​​the house to connect the devices that are essential to us. Large-capacity models such as the Anker 535 Powerhouse (which includes a push-button lamp) or cheaper models such as the Zachary 160 can be bought in the market.

Power stations are very popular in the motorhome world, but what is overlooked is that they are very useful in the event of a home blackout, as they maintain normalcy. It is important to note that this type of battery cannot power high consumption appliances such as microwaves or conventional refrigerators.

Rechargeable lamps as an alternative to candles

The first thing that’s missing during a power outage is light: You may be without internet or music during a blackout, but being in the dark isn’t a temporary option for anyone. Those who are not very young will remember how candles were used in homes, a very comfortable and no less safe solution at the time we live in. How to get light on quickly and reliably and easily?

Rechargeable LED lamps are a very effective solution in the event of a blackout: just find them and turn them on to once again flood the room with light that is very close to that offered by light bulbs. In this case, they are powered by a battery which allows their use without the need for a plug and can be easily moved from one room to another. This simple solution is inexpensive and can be the ultimate alternative to candles.

External portable battery, always at hand

Anyone who works out of office and is forced to move from place to place knows that running out of battery in a mobile can be fatal and ruin the day; This user profile a. does not leave the house without power bank Or a portable battery that gives you protection or extra hours of use when the day is extended. Well, this same function can be extended indoors if there is a blackout: you can continue to charge your mobile phone or any portable pocket device under any circumstances.

Its low cost and convenience have made it a highly sought-after accessory and used in a pinch. With such a huge offer… which model to choose? The best thing to do is to resort to the most current versions on the market, as they will provide more capacity and faster loading speeds. a power bank 10,000 mAh and fast charging connector, like the Duracell model, solves the ballot in case you need to charge your mobile or headphones; Selecting this option will be necessary if you want the laptop to be charged as well. power bank More capacity and charging power like the Anker 737 Power Bank.

mobile as an alternative to router

Why is portable batteries mentioned if there is a problem in the house? The answer is simple: the mobile internet connection will not be lost in the event of a blackout and we can take advantage of that to stay connected. This device can quickly become a wireless router that will serve multiple users at the same time, although its cost will depend on the rate you contract. Those who have unlimited data plan will be able to use this function without any worries; who has the number gigas Contracted, they must be attentive to the amount of data.

To share your Internet connection with your mobile, follow these steps: On an Android device, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap “Access Points”; The network and password displayed will be the ones to be selected from the connecting device. On the iPhone, make sure that the “Share Internet” option is activated in Settings / Mobile data / Personal access point, after which, just search for the device’s network and connect to it with the same password that has been configured.

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