Blanca Guerra invites Guillermo del Toro to the Ariel Awards

Blanca Guerra invites Guillermo del Toro to the Ariel Awards

Blanca Guerra Invites Guillermo Del Toro To The Ariel Awards
Blanca Guerra Invites Guillermo Del Toro To Attend The Ariel. Photo: Gettyimages.

last November The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences informed that “until further notice” the call to the Ariel Awards from 2023 due to a “serious financial crisis” that the institution is experiencing, Guillermo del Toro exploded on his Twitter account against this resolution, even offering to cover the cost of the event figurines. The former President of the Academy, white warassured that it would be more helpful if he and the other internationally renowned filmmakers were present.

The Mexican actress assured that Mexican actors, directors or photographers would not have to take financial responsibility for the Mexican Film Academy as she believes the government should be the one that should support that organization and invited del Toro to join Ariel at to attend: “I think they would be more helpful if they were present at every ceremony.”

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Blanca Guerra added that these types of academies and organizations not only defend the industry, but also do a lot for the preservation and history of cinema: they also provide profound criticism of what is done in film productions every year.

“The state is the one that must support so that this organization is positioned so that it becomes self-sufficient,” said the actress (…) she can not disappear, although sometimes, because there is no budget to start preparing the ceremony Ariel , you can take a break, a stop along the way is not bad, ”Blanca concluded.

What did Guillermo del Toro say?

Mexican director Guillermo del Toro raised his hand so that the episode of the Ariel 2023 will be carried out after it has been announced that it has been canceled due to a “serious economic crisis”.

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In the first post he posted Guillermo del Toro wrote that he did not want to go into politics and that in order to “find solutions and the Ariel for those who make a cinema that represents and represents Mexico” offers to cover the total cost of the figurines.

In the second post, he offers to help make the ceremony happen “as much as possible” and ended by saying that “the Academy and the movies it promotes are NOT the ones using the bots as arguments – they’re the ones fighting for movie time and that sustain our cinema – this art form, very real and very appreciated”.

And he ended by saying, “I don’t equip anyone. Solutions must be found. Guilt doesn’t work. Solutions help. Go for it”.

Who is Blanca Guerra?

Blanca Guerra Islands is one actress who was born on January 10, 1953 in CDMXstudied for a few semesters of the dentistry career, but her passion for acting forced her to drop out of school to attend UNAM’s University Theater Center.

With the film he made his film debut The madman of miracles (1975), the beginning of a remarkable acting career, developed mainly on television, with films such as Pedro Paramo (1978), These ruins you see (1979), Like Mexico, there are not two (1981) and “How I Forget You”, together with Vicente Fernández.

Over the past decade, the actress has participated in bad girls (2007), To the area (2007), under the salt (2009) and is currently part of the cast of the Star+ series “Primetime”.

Blanca Guerra was appointed head of the coordination committee of the Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences (AMACC) in 2013. He was in office for two years.


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