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Diablo IV is on and this is a release that many people are really excited about. If you’re one of them, and your enthusiasm reaches the point where it can be considered an obsession, we have news that might interest you. What happens is that Blizzard announces it will allow players to get tattoos diablo play play Diablo IV in front of someone. Plus, they’ll give you a free copy of the game.

Last weekend, Blizzard launched the Diablo Hells Inc. event in Los Angeles, California, United States. This is a promotion which will be available till 10th September and in which players will be able to participate to get the tattoo theme diablo without paying.

Best of all, players will get something in return for turning their skin into a billboard for Blizzard’s next RPG. What happens is that they’ll also give you a digital copy of the game, as well as early access to it via a key, for its beta period.

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The expedition will have a tour that will visit cities in North America, Europe and Australia. Each tattoo location will be open for one day only. It is worth mentioning that the tattoos will be made for the people who won the contest; However, those who want can also try to get one. Of course, it will be available as long as the supply lasts and will be distributed when people are made.

Unfortunately, the Diablo Hells Inc. campaign will not reach any cities in Latin America. In fact, it will only happen in 8 different cities in the above regions. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

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a campaign where everyone wins

We see this campaign as a win for all, especially the players. First, because it’s an event that would serve as very cheap promotion for Blizzard and it’s a way for fans to feel pampered.

For their part, fans of diablo They win everywhere. On one hand they’ll receive a free tattoo by a professional based on a video game franchise they love. at best, to do so they would get the next diablo Free and they can play it without paying. Great, isn’t it?

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What did you think of this campaign? do you want to get a tattoo Diablo IV free? Tell us in the comments.

Diablo IV It will arrive on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC sometime in the first half of 2023. We remind you that there will be cross-progress and cross-play in this release. You can learn more about this game if you click here.

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