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Blood types are especially at risk for insomnia and depression

Blood group is a key characteristic that can save people’s lives if they require a transfusion. But data scientists have also been useful for cross-referencing data and finding which conditions affect people the most based on their blood type.

The statistical exercise was carried out by a group of Spanish researchers who published a study of the main diseases according to blood group in the population over 60 years of age in the province of Cuenca (Spain).

The individuals investigated were then divided into four blood types (A, B, AB and O) and their RH factor, which can be positive or negative.

The research included a sample of 73 people who were part of an observational study. The persons, all over sixty, were also distinguished by character, such as age and race.

Received blood group population from the study group are 42.6% (group A); 42.4% (0); 13% (B) and 1.4% (AB). A+ predominates (35.6%), followed by O+ (27.4%), the authors of the research work indicated.

Although the probability of suffering from various diseases is associated with multiple genetic and environmental factors; Scientists have worked under the hypothesis that blood groups have the ability to have certain “conditions” that people present in their lives.

There are blood types that may be more prone to certain diseases. – Photo: Getty Images

So, eg, they found it “Rh-positive groups suffer more from AHT (arterial hypertension), insomnia and depression than Rh-negative groups. Groups A and O suffer from a greater increase in cholesterol than group B.”

But the results of the research added more about specific blood groups and the frequency with which they have various diseases. For example, researchers have found that people with blood type O are more likely to have thyroid disease, insomnia (0.65), iron deficiency anemia, Alzheimer’s, gout, and lung disease.

The doctor will do a blood test

Rh positive people often suffer from arterial hypertension, insomnia and depression. – Photo: Getty Images

in the meantime people who belonged to the A + group more frequently had conditions related to anemia (due to lack of vitamin B12); depression, conditions related to blood cholesterol levels, glaucoma and diabetes;

However, the researchers pointed out that “groups B and AB are not considered, since the percentage in the population studies is low.”

Likewise, it is necessary to consider that the research was carried out on a relatively small population; Therefore, its results require further comparison with new scientific studies.

The type of blood most likely to develop cancer

There is, however, a more robust investigation to determine how many other diseases are involved in blood groups. For example, a study by scientists at the Bethesda National Cancer Institute in Maryland, United States, looked at the frequency with which different people develop cancer based on their blood type.

Prevention and early detection of cancer is the key to treating the disease and avoiding mortality

In addition to blood type, there are other genetic, nutritional, and environmental factors that can increase a person’s risk of cancer. – Photo: Getty Images

This was how to find people belonging to blood groups A, B or AB, are more likely to have cancer of the pancreas, bladder or ovariesdue to the existence of the ABO gene, located on chromosome 9, which is present in all blood types except O.

This study was conducted on 4,300 people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and another 4,500 without the disease. Thus, they found that 78% of patients had positive blood A or B, 16% had AB and only 6% had blood group O.

“What this means is that there are variations in the genes that regulate the blood of each type, and this is more prone to certain types of cancer,” concluded Jeff Bridges, one of the authors of the research.

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