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Blue Dollar, Dollar Today: Minute by minute of the price of this August 24

Blue Trades For Sale $295
blue trades for sale $295Shutterstock

After rising by $2 from yesterday’s close, the parallel US currency remains stable and Listed for sale at $295.

To stop the wage increase of public servants, and as announced by Sergio Massa, State plants and state companies will be controlled, This data will be transmitted month by month National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC), The measure was published in the Official Gazette yesterday.

Economist Marina Dal Pogetto wrote Country Recommendations made by Edmar Bacha, an economist who was part of the team that designed the actual plan in Brazil, So that Argentina can reduce inflation:

Victor Hugo RosalesA Bolivian journalist showed on television in his home country how much the Argentine peso has devalued against the Bolivian currency in recent years. Thus, on RTP channel he said that, in 2009, 100 Argentine Pesos was equal to 220 BolivianoWhereas these days the same amount of Argentine Peso is equal to 1 Bolivian Peso and 50 cents.

Bolivian journalist shows devaluation of Argentine peso in relation to his country’s currency

The parallel US currency opened the exchange round two pesos below its previous close and Trades for sale at $295.

In the last two years, Because of the stock enforced by the Central Bank (BCRA), fewer people can buy a quota of US$200 each month at a “solidarity” price, which is the price of the currency at the official exchange rate, with a surcharge of 30% for PAIS tax and a surcharge of 35% on account of taxes on income and personal property. Last June, according to the latest official figures, only 885,000 Argentines were able to buy “savings dollars”.

as set forth Country, The national gross public debt hit a new record at the end of July, reaching US$380.76 billion. This means an increase of US$2,262 million (+0.6 per cent) over the previous month and US$17,537 million as compared to US$363,223 million it closed last year.

On The Ladder And Up
on the ladder and up

Last July, there was foreign exchange income from agriculture US$, marking a decline of 17 percent compared to the previous month. Although so far this year The figure has reached a new all-time high and is US$22,309,018,970: That is, 10 percent more than the same period but in 2021.

How Much Is The Dollar Today?
How much is the dollar today?Archives – Shutterstock

The government is preparing three measures aimed at “care of the dollar” Preventing imports and expediting liquidation of oil complex:

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The official dollar, which is regulated by the Central Bank (BCRA), opened the day for buying at $135.75 and for sale $143.75, With which it continues with the same closing prices as yesterday. On the other hand, the risk in the country remains at 2,396 basis points.

Economic activity increased by 1.1% in June compared to May, thus marking three consecutive months of growth. As published by the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) in its report on the Monthly Estimator of Economic Activity (EMAE), An increase of 6.4 percent has been registered in the yearly comparison, “With respect to the same month of 2021, there was an increase in 14 of the EMAE registered activity sectors in June, including hotels and restaurants (+39.2 per cent), mining and quarrying (+14.2 per cent) and transport and communications (+14.2 per cent). 10.8 percent)”, detailed the official statistical agency.

A Dutch travel influencer who recently visited Buenos Aires shared a video on social media that shows His peculiar reaction upon seeing the loss of value of the 1000 dollar bill. Quickly, this sparked endless comments from users who accused him of joking about inflation. ,Although this situation benefits tourists, it makes me feel bad”, he expressed in conversation with LA NACION.

A tourist talks inflation in Argentina and provokes hundreds of criticisms

The bitcoin dollar, also known as the crypto dollar or . also called stable coins (considered as such because of its resemblance to the dollar), its value increased. On the Ripio platform, DAI can be purchased for $320.86.

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Sergio Massa announced on Monday that it has absorbed $210,000 million in surplus cash from various ministries A clear signal to the market that spending adjustments have begun. In addition, it was reported that the national public sector reported a primary deficit of $75,947.3 million in July.

Wart'S Signal For The Markets
Wart’s signal for the marketsGerardo Virkovic

After the Vice President ruled out the possibility of expanding the investigation in the Vialidad case and was acquitted yesterday, have doubts about How it can affect the markets and the economy, However, experts believe that it will not have any significant effect. according to financial analyst Christian Butlercause progress will have a positive effect For the image of “legal certainty” and “judicial liberty” that it provides.

Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner Greets The National Congress From The Balcony Of Her Office
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner greets the National Congress from the balcony of her officeFabian Marelli

The urgency of depositing dollars is reflected in a few numbers that explain the situation. during the year, Energy aid sought $211,901 million and represented an actual increase of 4 percent. This indicates that, during the first seven months of the year, transfers $922,827.6 million Treasury to cover energy subsidies. Also a long list of spending on imports and a notable volatility during the weeks in which the three economy ministers succeeded each other: Martin Guzman, Silvina Batakis and Sergio Massa.

as reported on LN+, andThey bought the Central Bank (BCRA) for US$5 million yesterday. This is a minuscule amount compared to the previous day, in which the entity made the largest purchase of reserves in 50 days: approximately US$140 million; That is, 40 percent of the total, a little over the US$350 million negotiated by the official market in cash this Monday.

The Central Bank committed US$5 million. Bought

The official dollar, which is regulated by the Central Bank (BCRA), closed yesterday at $143.75, while Wholesaler He did it for $136.95.

Free US currency closed the exchange round on Tuesday $297 for sale And for purchase $293. Thus it was five pesos above the previous close.

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