Blue Serenity: First Natural Psilocybin Product Arrives in Canada

Canadian company Optimy Health Corp. (OTC: OPTHF), with psilocybin patient and worker Thomas Hartley, lanza blue peace, Canada’s first natural therapeutic psilocybin product.

Each psilocybin capsule blue peace Contains 25 mg of natural psilocybin extracted from mushroom biomass Paniolus sinescens, grown in Optimy’s laboratories in Princeton, British Columbia. Presentation of this drug with EU-GMP certification comes as Blisters of eight capsules.

Optimy was licensed by Health Canada for the production of psychedelic and functional mushrooms. He worked closely with Hartley to create a specific genetic strain based on the worker’s medical experiences. Once you have received approval from the Canadian Special Access Program (SAP) or an authorized clinical trial, Patients, doctors and researchers authorized by the Ministry of Health will have the opportunity to request it.

More about Blue Serenity

when choosing a name blue peaceHartley recalls the emotional and visual aspect of his experience with psilocybin. In addition, he describes how this therapy allowed him to rediscover a sense of inner calm after being in a state of extreme anxiety.

“Knowing that my journey will endure in a natural substance that others will be able to access is at the core of what is true in psychedelic therapy; and that in itself was an incredibly moving experience for me. is,” Hartley said.

CEO of Optimy, Bill Ciprikbelieves that the release of Blue Serenity is a moment to stop and reflect on Thomas’ contributions.

“Anyone who has entered the psychedelic space in the past two years will tell you that Thomas Hartley’s story of compassion and kindness inspired him to make a difference in some way,” Ciprik said.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Thomas, who has become the first Canadian company to launch a natural psilocybin product to help patients find relief exclusively through the Special Access Program,” he added.

psychedelic hyperactivity

Proceeds from the sale will directly benefit psilocybin patients through Hartley’s new charity. This company provides access to psilocybin therapy for underserved adults. It is expected that this release will advance the framework for compliance access and increase general practitioner confidence in psilocybin.

Ciprik called it “an excellent opportunity for Optimy to give back to those who need it most while helping to build a network of trust between the company, workers, patients and doctors.”


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