BMW F 650: One cylinder | Moto1Pro

 BMW F 650: One cylinder |  Moto1Pro

At the beginning of the 90’s the world of trail running was full. All Japanese brands have their maxitrail versions (Honda Africa Twin, Yamaha Super Tenere or Suzuki DR Big) and their counterparts in the mono version (Honda Dominator, Yamaha Tenere or Suzuki DR)to give an example of the most popular motorcycles of the time.

BMW lost its “trailer mono”, but it didn’t have the engine or the development to cover this gap in its catalog. In this way, an agreement was reached with Aprilia to share synergies and progress faster. BMW launched the F 650 and Aprilia the Pegaso two almost identical motorcycles but with enough aesthetic changes so that buyers of both brands will always feel “at home.”

Bmw F 650: One Cylinder | Moto1Pro

To get a suitable engine, they knocked on the door of the Austrian company Rotax, which had what they needed: a 652 cc engine, four valves (five valves in the case of the Pegaso), Carburetor of Mikuni and liquid cooling. For this small track BMW opted for conventional solutions, such as a secondary chain transmission but all within the quality standards to which the German manufacturer (and) is accustomed.

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The BMW F 650 will be a great success despite its more practical and urban orientation than off-road, because it allows you to have a whole BMW at a reasonable price and in the same line as other brands. It was the first single-cylinder BMW produced since 1960! and will serve as the basis for new practical and urban models.

Bmw F 650: One Cylinder | Moto1Pro

The year 2000 arrived and the acronym GS

This first F 650 remained on the market for seven years, until 2000. The arrival of Euro2 and the fact that BMW doesn’t like to say that its trail media engine is a Rotax, made the Germans the opportunity to relaunch the product. They got it right with this new line of trail motorcycles and it’s time again to add their prestigious GS acronym.

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The turn of the century brought three versions, the F 650 GS, the F 650 GS Dakar and an amazing G 650X (X Trail and X Moto) aimed at supermotard or more urban and fun use. Also, a year later, it will serve as the basis for the F 650 CS Scarver, a true experiment in a multifunctional and urban motorcycle, which will go down in history as one of the ugliest models ever made … The truth is that I always like. It was liked, but was discontinued in 2005 due to lack of commercial success.

Bmw F 650: One Cylinder | Moto1Pro

The Dakar version (with 21-inch front wheel) was tested in the Dakar Rally with the victory of Richard Sainct in the 1999, 2000 and 2003 editions within his category.. Sanct died in 2004 at the Egypt Rally, now with KTM.

This new F 650 GS has electronic injection, cylinder with Nikasil treatment, catalyst and optional ABS. BMW has left its trail media ready for the strict environmental measures imposed on motorcycle manufacturers with the imminent arrival of Euro 2.

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Bmw F 650: One Cylinder | Moto1Pro

They also experimented with placing the fuel tank under the seat to lower the center of gravity and take advantage of the traditional tank area for other purposes. This additional arrangement of the fuel tank has come to this day, until the 2018 generation of the F 850​​​​GS. just the predecessor of the recently presented F 900 2024.

BMW abandoned single-cylinder engines for its mid-displacement trail bikes in 2008at least in Europe, as in other markets it continues to be produced under the G 650 GS nomenclature…

In 2011, BMW once again introduced its single-cylinder engine in Europe with the G 650 GS Sertao, a way to offer a slightly more economical and popular trail bike that would serve as the entry model in its line of trails. motorcycle. Later, in 2016, it will launch the G 310 GS, which is clearly focused on the A2 market and also has a single-cylinder engine.

Bmw F 650: One Cylinder | Moto1Pro