BMW: Gypsy believes “very strongly in hydrogen” and criticizes ban on combustion engines

BMW owner Oliver Gipes sees the ban on combustion cars in Europe from 2035 as a mistake: “We think it’s wrong to shut down combustion engines in Europe“,” he said at the World Market Leader Innovation Day in Erlangen.The industry would look different than it is today in terms of scale and structure if it went to just one technology‘ Gipsy pointed. He wants politicians to take a technology-neutral approach rather than focus purely on battery-electric car mobility.

Gippes also suggested that the industry should need to become more climate-friendly rather than setting a concrete end date: a reduction in CO2 emissions of about five percent per year.”massive positive climate impact“. One “hard shutdown‘On the other hand, the combustion engine will have’Leads to such turmoil that no one here can control anymoreHowever, Gipsy’s mistake in reasoning is that there are still 13 years to go before the planned ban on combustion engines and manufacturers may gradually shift their model ranges to low-CO2 drives by then. Most manufacturers have also announced that they intend to introduce only purely electric models in Europe before 2035.

BMW, on the other hand, wants to keep various drive technologies in its portfolio in the long term. In addition to purely electric cars, there are also combustion engine, hybrid and hydrogen cars. The Munich-based company is pursuing this approach as the manufacturer and Gipps believe it will take several years to expand the charging infrastructure for e-cars, especially in areas that are already structurally weak. .

Above all, Gypsé emphasizes the advantages of hydrogen in this context, as the energy source can be easily combined with existing filling station infrastructure: “You don’t need your own charging infrastructure“, then gypsies:A gas station can be replaced in two daysIn the case of charging stations for electric cars, on the other hand, a connection to the medium-voltage grid that is difficult to implement may be required. ,It’s a lot of work. This will work, but not as the only solution. it’s going to take too long‘ said the BMW boss.

In addition, hydrogenThe only raw material that is sustainably produced and storable“So gypsies. IThat’s why we strongly believe in hydrogen. It’ll come and it’ll come to BMW, I’m pretty sure‘ said the manager. BMW is currently building a small series of 100 hydrogen cars based on the SUV X5, which are to be tested in the coming years. The regular market launch of BMW Hydrogen cars is expected to be completed by 2025.

Source: WirtschaftsWoche – BMW boss Zipse: “Combustion restrictions lead to uncontrolled distortions”

BMW: Gypsy believes "very strongly in hydrogen" and criticizes ban on combustion engines


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