Board of Investigators Update on the Latest Boston Transit Accident


BOSTON ( Associated Press) — One of the trains involved in a crash on the Boston subway system, which sent four workers to the hospital earlier this month, did not stop at a red signal and was traveling at a speed exceeding the limit, an investigator said. Said on Monday.

The Green Line train that had approached the accident on 1 June At about 9 mph (14.5 kph) the government center was traveling to the station, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Chief Investigation and Safety Assurance Officer Steven Culp told the MBTA Board’s Safety, Health and Environment Subcommittee.

He said the second train was traveling at 5.7 mph (9.2 kph). A spokesman said the speed limit in the area is 7 mph.

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Due to this both the trains derailed and service was disrupted.

Four operators were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital. None of the 20 to 25 passengers on board the train required medical treatment because of the contact. As per the protocol, the four employees were put on paid administrative leave during the investigation.

The investigation is ongoing, but the MBTA has issued a “focus on duty” reminder to operators, asking them to be vigilant about their surroundings and signals, Kalp said.

The collision occurred during a federal review of the MBTA’s safety following several recent accidents that resulted in injury or death.

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MBTA Chief Security Officer Ron Astor told the subcommittee that Federal Transit Administration investigators expect to finish their work this week, but have already issued four recommendations. They are ensuring that the level of control center staff is adequate, ensuring the safety of train operations in the yard, up-to-date track maintenance and current operator certification.

“We have had several conversations with the FTA on these matters and are already working on mitigation which we will soon share with the FTA,” Astor said.

The agency has had several security problems in recent months. A 39-year-old man died in April after his hand was dragged after getting stuck in the door of a malfunctioning subway car, Nine people were injured when an escalator malfunctioned at a station in SeptemberAnd more than two dozen people went to the hospital last July when a Green Line train rear-ended another trolley,

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