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Bob Raisman: Zach Wilson Selfish? SNY team needs to bring facts

Bob Raisman: Zach Wilson Selfish? SNY team needs to bring facts

Another verbal beat up for Zach Wilson after Sunday’s season finale in Buffalo?

Since the Jets’ 26-21 victory over Jacksonville on December 26, SNY’s team of Jets postgame analysts — Bart Scott, Willie Colon, and Lager Dauzable — have aggressively questioned the rookie quarterback’s heart and ability to lead. . Some criticisms are personal. He has also referred to Wilson as “Peter Pan”.

After losing to Tampa last Sunday, they all came to the same conclusion: that Wilson is selfish. that he had already decided he was going to be the man, rather than handing the ball, at least a thousand pounds of beefy defensive line-heft on 4 and 2 from the Bucs’ 7-yard line. tries to get through. The elusive Braxton Berrios on one end.

Criticism on SNY was based on sentiment rather than fact, which is not uncommon when it comes to many current hot-tech NFL TV/radio artists. Colon, the former Jets and Steelers offensive lineman who never backs down, was truly compelling. Unfortunately, he made his criticism personal.

“It’s not about (Wilson) appearing (defensive). It’s about saying to yourself, ‘It’s time to be my boy. I’m going to win the game; Everybody is going to love me.’ It was about ego. It was about selfishness,” Colon said. “It’s not about understanding that at this point in the game, it’s not about Zach Wilson. It’s about the New York Jets.”

Colon, who believes his criticism of Wilson has been “fair,” left us with the impression that he had hard evidence that led him to a flat-out state when he pitched Berrios instead. Wilson was inclined to play Hero Ball when he decided to go stealth. However, on Monday, during an appearance on WFAN’s “Carton and Roberts” show, Colon (he doubled down in his Sunday commentary) was pressed by Evan Roberts, who wanted to know if Wilson had any questions about the former lineman. Was there any fact to support this in a personal attack?

“I’ve heard things. I know things,” Colon told Roberts. “That’s not my thing to say. But we are allowed to say anything for the time being.” Truth.

But on “Carton & Roberts,” Colon cracks open the proverbial can of insects.

What has he “heard” about Wilson? And what does he “know” about Wilson? If they have facts, Colon, Douzable or Scott should deliver them, right?

As we said, this verbal take-down from Wilson goes back to the day after Christmas. Scott, a man who had a checkered history with the media when he was a Jets, actually sacked the quarterback for answering a reporter’s question at a postgame press conference.

Regarding Wilson, Scott said: “You come in as a kid… you’re not a leader… the fact is you don’t walk like a leader. You don’t talk like a leader.” Huh.”

So, through his few weeks of pounding, the SNY team of analysts is basically saying that Wilson is a selfish kid who puts his ego ahead of the team. Yet they do so without any concrete facts or evidence. Or at least the evidence Colon (“It’s not for me to say”) suggested he has.

The crew must do the right thing: They should finally use their final postgame show of the season to clear the air when it comes to Zach Wilson. bring the goods Or step back.

judge watch

Either way the Jets’ offer on SNY and ESPN-98.7 Sunday will only be a watch/listen to postgame show. If last week’s Joe Judges press conferences (MSG and WFAN) are an indication of what the football team and the Giants’ regular season is likely to be after the coach is in attendance, the event will be televised.

or will it happen?

Last week, a question from the Giants’ coach resulted in the judge launching a belligerent speech, where he tried to sell the dubious theory that his team was doing everything right but still not winning the football game; That it was all just part of building the foundation for the future.

Unfortunately, he was reassuring as a coach with a 4-12 record.

The longer the judge ran, the more desperate it got (if it was an audition for a TV analyst gig he’d fail, miserably). Did the judge even believe what he was saying? What was his purpose? Plan to sell to an angry/disappointed fan base? Or was it directed at ownership in an effort to save his job? No matter who he was targeting his territory, he spiraled out of control and was not in charge. In subsequent sessions with the media, the judges engaged in unsuccessful damage control. The story will not go away.

The judges became accomplices in his possible demise.

Moving into his final postgame season of the regular season, the coach will probably want to consider editing himself. Don’t go to the microphone to explain to someone. Answer questions but don’t get so defensive. Go in and get out. And if possible try to put yourself down. No matter what the future holds, leave them liking you.

rosenthal reality

It really would have sent a message to the Free World if one of Ken Rosenthal’s MLB Network affiliates had voluntarily pursued the veteran scribe as opposed to the outlet not renewing his contract.

Yet economic reality often clashes with idealism and anger. There was a lot of uproar over the allegations that Rosenthal was fired because he wrote something in The Athletic that affected Rob Manfred. Or could it be Rosenthal, still employed by “TA” and Fox Sports, part of another MLBN pay-dump?

whatever. Yet the notion that anyone working for a league-owned network is truly independent at best. In the end, either you co-exist with a commissioner, angry boss, league suit or try to find another gig with one of an ever-decreasing number of independent entities.

model talk

More proof WFAN is going through some content changes, exemplified Thursday when Craig Carton and Evan Roberts interviewed model Ava Lewis. She described her one-night stand with Tampa wideout Antonio Brown, recently dumped, at a Jersey City hotel on Saturday evening.

Ms. Lucy’s previous claim to fame was licking a toilet seat on TikTok. Carton and Roberts carried this interview as far as they could go without falling off the FCC cliff. Given the circumstances, he got some legal information about AB.

around the dial

No doubt impressed by the scheduled return of Beavis and Butt-Head this year, the ESPN suit added its own version of the pair, Michael Kay and Alex Rodriguez, for the alternate “Sunday Night Baseball” telecast — eight games — on ESPN 2. Is. Recently, Beavis, er, K can be heard warming up to the gig, ripping off Rob Manfred for his role in the Ken Rosenthal position. Kay, on ESPN-98.7, was hilarious, calling Manfred “thin-skinned.” Pot met kettle moment. Kay might be the most “thin-skinned” voice in the business. So much so, that he also believes in it. … Kudos to WFAN’s Danielle McCartan for doing the right thing. While most of his Gasbag colleagues treat Dave Gettleman’s departure as a foregone conclusion, D-Mac always states that “the Giants still have a general manager” before talking about GM’s future.


Dude of the Week: Jalen Hurts

to show concern. When a FedEx field railing collapsed following Philly’s win over WFT last Sunday, leaving fans to the ground, Hurts’ first reaction was help and support. Two days later he sent a letter to the WFT and the NFL asking what the two organizations were doing to provide “safety measures” to “prevent this from happening in the future”.

Weekend: Kirk Herbstreet

When you work as both a studio and a game analyst, as ESPN’s Herbstreit does, you’ll eventually cross your strings. 1 college football analyst who is foolishly implied that players who skip bowl games in vain don’t love the game?

double talk

What Brian Griese Said: “Ben (Roethlisberger) was immature at times. He made mistakes.”

What Brian Griese Meaning: “Ben was twice accused of sexual harassment. But he was never charged with the crime. ,

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