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Bob the Drag Queen Reveals Her Everyday Essentials, and They’re Not What You’d Expect

In our new series, “Stuff I Use,” celebrities and influencers share their shopping styles and the everyday basics that help them make it all happen.

Caldwell TidyQ hates shopping. Popularly known as Bob the Drag Queen, the non-binary artist, podcast host, activist and now fashion designer would rather spend a day between shops and stores than catching up with a friend or playing Super Smash Bros.

“Shopping stresses me out,” Bob, Told HuffPost that he/she uses the pronouns he/she and his/her. “Especially for clothes. I have childhood memories of trying on clothes at TJ Max’s for hours. A few hours after trying on clothes at TJ Max, felt like hours.

Thanks to living in New York City for 12 years, Bob said shopping conjures up images of blisters, too cold outside but too hot in the store (or the other way around) and compared to “drag race” season. Carries more bags. ,

“There is no going back to your car. There is no place to put your things. The first thing you buy, you are still holding onto the last thing you buy,” she said. “A lot of that Something with me, here in LA, even though I have a car now. When I go shopping, I want to get the one thing I need.”

Although she has now become famous for her distinctive style, Bob shared that growing up in Atlanta, she wanted to dress like her peers.

“When I was younger, I was really, like, into trends,” she said. “Like middle school and high school, Atlanta’s youth black scene trended. I was wearing a race car jacket. I wore these like anime shirts, with anime like these button-up shirts. Hawaiian shirts really like someone else. The reason was big… I was really into it.

Ironically, following trends inspired Bob to start creating his own clothes in his own style – something that helped him stand out and be successful through his career.

Bob said, “I came across this one model where it was cool to do like, bleach your pants, like customize your pants.” “This was the first time that it didn’t have to have a label. Knockoff jeans or cheap jeans or an old pair of Walmart jeans — you can tie them up and spray, and it’ll do all the work to customize your clothes.” can.”

Throughout his career, Bob’s sewing talent and strong creative eye have continued to flourish. In 2016, her ability to create show-stopping outfits helped Bob win season 8 of “Rue Paul’s Drag Race” (beating out drag race fan-favour and otherwise iconic queens Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls). In 2020, Bob premiered alongside fellow queens Eureka O’Hara and Shangela on HBO’s previously unscripted show, “We Are Here,” which had one-night only drag shows in small towns across the US and now, in 2022, Bob is about to launch his own clothing line.

“It’s called House of Bob. We’ll be dropping it in the next few months,” she said. “It’s size-inclusive, gender non-conforming, it’s so comfortable and I’m excited for all of you to see it . I have to make clothes that I know I will wear. I have an out-of-drag aesthetic that I really enjoy playing with. ,

Bob the Drag Queen Reveals Her Everyday Essentials, and They're Not What You'd Expect

As a Touring Queen and TV Star, Bob Travels a lot, She prioritizes comfort and function, and will call for takeout rather than making a four-course meal at home. Whether it’s writing new jokes or creating business plans, Bob keeps everything digital. Not for notebooks or sticky pads, the self-proclaimed “Google Docs girl” wants it all in one place—her 2018 MacBook Pro. He’s into oral hygiene, audiobooks, plain black socks and quick trips to the big box stores near his home.

Most of all, Bob the Drag Queen is encouraging people to be – and dress – as themselves. Although she may hate shopping, Bob cites thrift stores and the gender section you’re not used to shopping as the best places to find unique pieces—and getting yourself an inexpensive sewing machine and Teach yourself to sew.

“Clothes are just clothes that have not yet become clothes,” she said.

From flossing sticks to Michelle Visage’s memoir, here’s what Bob the drag queen uses to hold it all together.

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black high-top socks

“All my socks are black, so I never have to match my socks. It’s a life hack that people aren’t doing enough. All my socks are the same brand, the same kind, the same color. So I never have to match my socks. It changed my life. Really changed my life.

“The thing about black socks is that you can wear those athletic black socks, like ‘good’ clothes, as you dress up. You can’t dress up with a pair of white socks, but you can dress up with it.” Maybe a pair of black socks. I usually wear Hans.”

These socks come in men’s 6-12 and men’s 12-14 in extended sizes.

Get the eight-pack from Target for $10.79.

a sonicare toothbrush

choice of flossing

Delivery food for every meal

“I don’t keep food in the house. Which is expensive, I would say. But I always ate for every meal even when I wasn’t making a lot of money. I don’t know what the deal is. You know, I just Didn’t grow up with a home cook mom, so I never liked cooking. I don’t. I don’t get any pleasure from cooking. It stresses me out. I’d rather just spend the money and show the food. “

Check out delivery options near you on GrubHub.

fridge full of drinks

audio books

Basic Workout Gear from the Nearest Store

“Generally speaking, to be honest, I don’t have a very diverse aesthetic. Like it’s like the non-binary bohemian professor of African American studies at a community college, which is what I’m used to going to, or Just functionality. Those are two things. Like I’m going to work, so I need some shorts.

“I don’t want to tell you because it’s so basic and it’s not great: I can just go to Target because it’s the closest to my house. Whatever’s closest to me, and I live near Target. I Going to Target, I go to the running clothes section and buy some shorts.”

These shorts come in 13 colors ranging from Men’s Small to 3XL.

Get the men’s running shorts at Target for $12.

Athleisure from Instagram

“I’ll shop online if I see someone wearing a particular athletic apparel or athletic apparel that I love. I love this new function of Instagram, where you can tag like a company, but you can also shop Like, if you like someone’s shorts, you can just buy the shorts right now. That’s really cool. I love buying online because you just buy things and then in a week they show up at your house. Huh.

“I don’t try on clothes [in stores.] My partner and I went shopping at a thrift store, and I saw something I liked and didn’t know if it would fit, and he goes, ‘Try it!’ And he was trying things on, and I wasn’t, as a rule, almost every time I didn’t try things in stores. It brings me back to that time, being in that dressing room at TJ Max’s, felt like three hours of putting 20 pairs of khakis in my head that all made me look exactly the same, but my mom swore was that they were all different. Very different.”

Check out Vuori, a brand that’s popular on Instagram right now.

old and old clothes

“Going to the thrift store is remarkable. Wearing clothes from the past, clothes with stories, clothes that even you are almost positive no one else will wear. It’s really fun. Thrift stores are a great place because they have them.” Largest variety. There’s no common denominator except ‘it’s all donated’. Most clothing stores are following some sort of trend, while in thrift stores, it literally means ‘what we got Can we get what has been donated to us?'”

See vintage and vintage clothes on Etsy.

Clothing of the “second section”

“On a day-to-day level, in terms of stepping out of the gender binary and expressing yourself and having fun with clothes, one simple thing you can do is just try to go down the other aisle. So If you are used to shopping in the ‘ladies’ aisle, go to the ‘men’ aisle. If you shop in the ‘men’s aisle,’ go to the women’s aisle. You will be shocked that it How broad will your horizons and your vision be for the store in the aisle you’re not used to shopping for.”

Shop clothing for all genders at Target.

Google Docs for Everything, on a Much-Previous MacBook Pro

“I know guys who write things, it’s cool and hip in them. I’m not one of those girls. I type everything and I put it in a Google doc. I’m a Google docs girl. I really, really believe in google docs. You can share things so easily. I don’t really write things down. I have terrible penmanship, half the time I can’t even read my handwriting Can. I’m very forgetful. I lose things all the time so I really rely on typing.

“I have a MacBook Pro, it’s like 2018, so I’m probably due for a new one. Every once in a while there’s a little problem, just because I use it so often, but I mean That’s what has worked for me over the years.”

Get a MacBook Pro from Amazon for $1,149.99.

Video games for wind-down time and self-soothing

a sewing machine

“The best thing you can do to start dragging is learn to sew. Because fabric is so much cheaper than fabric. Fabric is just fabric that hasn’t been made yet. Learning to sew can really make money.” The best way to save. A drag queen. Hands down.

“Makeup lasts you a very long time. Depending on how much or how often you’re dragging, foundation can last you a few months. Even with lipstick and eyeshadow and all that stuff. But You don’t want to be wearing the same outfit every time you go out, so learning to sew is a real game-changer. It’s helped me a lot to pull off. You can really be the image of your mind.

“I have a Pfaff, it’s a German sewing machine. But a Singer Heavy Duty is a perfectly fine machine. If you’re going to start out, I recommend a Singer Heavy Duty.”

Get a Singer Heavy Duty at Walmart for $168.99.


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