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Boca – Platense, live: One inspired Oscar Romero was enough to move up in the professional league

After the coup in Paraná last Saturday and the riots that took place during the week, Boca He needed a win to please his audience bombonera, And he got it. He did not shine against the collective level Platinesbut that was enough that he did Oscar Romerowhat Contributed both goals for Xeneize to win 2-1, Nicolas Morgantini marked the discount, and then Ramiro Gonzalezzo In the end he was sent off.

El Calamar actually started the match better than the local team, but the Ribeira club made the most of one of the first opportunities of the match. A big free kick from Romerowho entered the goal by hitting the nearby post Mark LedesmaLeads his team in the 9th minute, possibly one of his best goals professional league So far. That goal gave Boca the momentum with the inspired No. 10 in the first half, which later The second head will get to score About the end of the first half.

When the plugin started it looked like the dynamics would be the same, but then Plattens reached a tie thanks to a rebound which was caught by Morgantini. after a distracted shot from Mauro Zarate, and from there Boca lost control of the match. They stopped making clear chances and allowed some attacks from the visiting team, which they could not take full advantage of. And as if that wasn’t enough, a dispute between the players of the two teams resulted in Yale Falcon Perez expelling gonzalez for a second yellow, largely in violation of Vicente López’s team’s chances to level the match. Hugo Ibarra continues to look for his best team, but a win like this allows him to breathe and smile at the warmth of his people.

23:05 Romero: “It’s good for me to keep improving”

Match stats Paraguayan described Boca’s performance very well: “I think the team played a great game today, the truth is we needed it,” said No. 10. “We knew in other games we weren’t playing or delivering results. Today we played great, we managed to get the win, which was important for us. Very happy and personally too.” In addition, he valued his own performance: “Of course the one who scores two goals makes the pitch happy, so it’s good for me to keep improving. That’s what I want.”

50′ ST Match Ended!

In the last game of the game, Taborda had a free kick on the edge of the field, but he sent it well over the crossbar. Boca took a 2–1 local win against Platense and took the win.

Boca knew how to cope in the second half and scored 2-1 against the Plateaus.  to win from
Boca knew how to cope in the second half and scored 2-1 against the Plateaus. to win frommauro alfieri

45′ st five minutes added

The match would last 95 minutes, partly due to the delay caused by the visitor’s goal and removal.

Exit 42′ ST Romero and Zarate

In Boca, the meeting figure leaves his place for Cristian Medina. In the platen, the striker leaves for Ruiz Diaz.

Boca won in the second half, but for now it holds the lead
Boca won in the second half, but for now it holds the leadmauro alfieri

40′ st Ledesma great cover

In the free kick resulting from the takedown, Villa finished from the left, making a very fine save from the Calamar goalkeeper. Corner for Boca.

37′ Red ST for Gonzalez and Tangana

Referee Falcon expelled the platen defender, causing a brawl that lasted several seconds between players on both teams. Also, Villa and Ledesma saw yellow.

Ramiro Gonzalez has been expelled by Yale Falcon Perez
Ramiro Gonzalez has been expelled by Yale Falcon Perezmauro alfieri

30′ ST selects for Ibarra Molinas and Orsini

The midfielder replaces Ramirez and the striker, Vazquez. Boca’s performance fell significantly since the discounting of the platens.

Hugo Ibarra's team no longer manages the match like in the first half, and looks for alternatives on the bench
Hugo Ibarra’s team no longer manages the match like in the first half, and looks for alternatives on the benchmauro alfieri

23′ ST Inside Figl and Payro

The centre-back returns to play with the Zenese after a month and a half, enters from Ronaglia, and does the same ex-Banfield instead of Pole Fernandez. The tape is now used by Alan Varela.

19 ST Villa Wasted A Clear Chance

In a three-on-two counter, the Colombian had a clear pass to Romero on the right, but decided to shoot. His shot was deflected by a defender off Ledesma’s right post.

Morgantini waives for platens and changes the dynamic of the match
Morgantini waives for platens and changes the dynamic of the matchmauro alfieri

14 St Advincula . severe lack of

The Peruvian winger swung Benitez from behind in midfield and earned a yellow card. Increases panic in Boca.

9′ ST goal by Morgantini!

The winger gave the Plattens a breath of air in the game by making good use of a rebound left by a shot from Mauro Zarate.

7 ST Sandez Tries “God’s Hand”

The winger could not hit a cross with a free kick, so he decided to raise his hand and touch the ball with his hand. Lakshya was rejected and number 3 was booked.

5′ ST Villa demands Ledesma

In one of the first moments of the second half, Villa had a chance to surprise the Platense goalkeeper and shot from outside, but a great volley forced a corner for Boca.

Sebastian Villa made several attempts but still could not make his target
Sebastian Villa made several attempts but still could not make his targetmauro alfieri

0′ ST start complement

Boca runs and the second half begins. Platens introduced a change before they started: Gino retired to make room for Jorge Benitez, who debuted with a squid shirt.

22.05 The Great First Part of Romero

The Paraguayan is playing his best game with the Boca shirt, and he scored his first two goals for the team, including a great free kick to open the scoring.

Oscar Romero, the undisputed figure of the first half of Boca-Platense
Oscar Romero, the undisputed figure of the first half of Boca-Platensemauro alfieri

45′ pt end of first part

Yale Falcon Perez closes the first 45 minutes. Boca defeated Platens 2-0 thanks to a brilliant performance from Oscar Romero.

42 ‘ Second goal from Ann Romero!

In a counterattack, Sebastian Villa overflows to the left, shakes two defenders and sends a cross to the leading goal of Oscar Romero, who scores his second goal. The play is checked by VAR, but the goal is quickly validated and Boca wins 2–0.

37 pt Boca’s pressure continues

In the final leg of the first leg, the local team continued to exert pressure: a passed Villa cross forces goalkeeper Ledesma and goes into the corner, a game that continued without danger.

28 PT Zarate gets his first chance

The striker looked to hook from the right and settled to hit him with his left foot, but his shot went wide off Rossi’s left post.

25 ‘ PT Juan Ramírez nearly scored the second goal.

The midfielder played a brilliant wall to enter the field and kick with Romero, but his shot went into the roof of the guest goal. The game continues 1-0.

Oscar Romero is signing a great first part with Xeneize
Oscar Romero is signing a great first part with Xeneizemauro alfieri

20 ‘PT Villa warned’

After a foul on Sandez (Pignani was booked), Villa had a free kick on the edge of the field that he had taken with great force, but it eventually went to Ledesma.

17 PT Tension Between Vazquez And Suso

Defender Calamar was annoyed by a maneuver by striker Zenese that he interpreted as aggression and they had a conflict, which was later brushed aside by Falcon Perez.

11 ‘ Stunning PT goal from Romero!

On Boca’s first free kick, Oscar Romero shot from the right side and the shot jumped into the net from inside the post. This is Paraguayan’s first goal with the Xeneize shirt.

8′ PT tries Romero

Paraguay had the first shot of the night for Boca, but his shot from outside the area went over goalkeeper Ledesma.

5 pt platens raids the local area

El Calamar started with the initiative, with a play that had Taborda driving and with an angle to shoot Zarate, but he did not get excited from outside the field.

0′ PT Match Begins!

The Plattens left and the referee Yale Falcon started the match. Boca will try to recover from the heavy blow to Petronato on the last date.

Plattens and Boca open the match
Plattens and Boca open the matchmauro alfieri

20.55 teams entered the field

Players from Boca and Toleres enter the field of play after finishing the warm-up, with the large support of La Bombonera.

20:45 “Rossi is from Boca, he is not going to Boca”

Despite the controversy arising from his contractual status, Augustin Rossi received the love and support of large areas of Bombonera, including the boys, who put up posters to try to persuade him to stay.

Agustin Rossi was warmly welcomed by fans at Bomboneras
Agustin Rossi was warmly welcomed by fans at BombonerasTwitter @BocaJrsOfficial

20.40 Zárate: “It came to my mind to stop playing”

Before the match, the former Boca striker admitted that he felt better playing at Platense, revealing that he had almost given up football: “The most beautiful thing is to be on the pitch, it was what I wanted. So I didn’t stop playing, which went out of my mind for a moment. That’s what makes me the happiest.”

20.18 Rossi saved after controversy

The goalkeeper, who did not agree to a renewal with the club and there was speculation about his replacement until the end of his relationship, would eventually go to Boca from the start. Luis Vazquez will also have a new opportunity, while the central defense will be made up of Carlos Zambrano and Fascundo Roncaglia. Team: Rossi; Edvincula, Zambrano, Roncaglia and Sandez; Pol Fernandez, Varela, Ramirez, Romero; Vazquez and Villa.

20.12 Mauro Zarate, Starter

The striker, as with recent days at La Boca, will go from the start, as determined by Omar de Felipe. Vicente Taborda will also do it on loan from Xeneize in Vicente López.

20.00 Pol Fernandez, Captain Tonight

After the departure of Carlos Izquierdoz and his replacement, Rojo, suffers a tear, the one wearing the Boca captain’s belt tonight will be Guillermo “Pole” Fernandez.

19.55 Boca wants to smile again

The Xenese had a very busy week, with the injury of Marcos Rosso, the non-renewal of Agustin Rossi and talks for Sergio Romero, Adonis Frias and Edinson Cavani filling a big part of the agenda. Now, with the support of his fans at La Bombonera, he will look to recover from a tough fight against Patronato against a Platense team that had a good start to the championship and wants to continue adding to the Ward of Relegation. The match will be played at La Bombonera from 9 pm.

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