Bodega Aurera sells vintage CASIO watch in stainless steel rose gold tone as a gift

Bodega Aurera sells vintage CASIO watch in stainless steel rose gold tone as a gift

Bodega Aurera sells a vintage CASIO watch in stainless steel rose gold tone as a gift. You’ll love how well it looks with everything you wear.

Speaking of this topic, we recently shared with you this Sanborns auctioned watches at more than 50% discount; You can buy these for less than 400 pesos,

But if this time you are looking for a specific brand, you might want to drive and check out the offer available by Bodega Aurera on this model.

This is a piece that will undoubtedly mesmerize you because its design is timeless and although it represents a decade, it looks good with everything you wear now.

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So there is no better way to buy a product than when it is at a low price, so you should take advantage of the “Mama Lucha” promo.

The best part is that it is also a watch that, unlike other watches from the same brand, comes in pink color which will match perfectly at all times.

How much is a used Casio watch sold by Bodega Aurera worth?

Bodega Aurera sells vintage CASIO watch in rose gold tone stainless steel as a gift, “This is a smaller model 640WC5AVT than you will find on the online site.”

You will be able to find it with the label “Casio Vintage Ladies Watch Rose Gold B640WC-5AVT Casio Vintage 640WC5AVT” or with the product code 00497185006691.

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The pink gold vintage Casio watch is priced at 1,849 pesos, and the best part is that you will be able to get it on the site for 12 months with no interest.

Although yes, it is important to highlight that this is a product sold by the store, so you can have a guarantee with them.

How good are Casio watches?

According to experts in the field of watchmaking, this brand is known for its precision and also because it incorporates modernized processes into its pieces.

Additionally, users of the brand point out that these are pieces that look great and that their finish is not only aesthetic, but also durable.

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Now that you know Bodega Aurera sells a vintage CASIO rose gold-tone stainless steel watch as a gift, would you buy this piece?


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