Bodega Aurrera completes the luxury package with Buchanan’s Deluxe Reserve whiskeys


If you haven’t toasted at Christmas yet and you’re in the mood for whiskey, Bodega Aurrera has the perfect package for you, including a bottle of Buchanan’s Deluxe and one of the Special Reserve that concludes.

In your online store, Bodega Aurrera He put the combo at a special price: Buchanan’s 12 and 18 750 ml, one of the best from the famous Scottish brand.

she Buchanan’s Deluxe This is the classic of the brand because it has been produced for more than 130 years. This is a 12-year-old whiskey that stands out for its smooth and fruity taste, with notes of orange and chocolate, which allows it to be served on the rocks or with a soft drink.

“Originally called Buchanan’s Finest Liquor, this whiskey received the first label James Buchanan’s gave his name.

Meanwhile, the Buchanan Special Reserve It was the “highest expression of the greatness of the House of Buchanan.” It was a luxury drink It is the result of a blend of whiskeys aged for at least 18 years in oak barrels, which used to store sherry.

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This distillate has a silky and delicate liquid. In addition, it has notes of wood, chestnut, dark chocolate, and almond, and a balanced finish of caramel and honey.

“The great complexity makes Buchanan’s 18 a representation of the time invested by those looking for their own greatness,” boasts the brand.

How much do Buchanan’s Delux and Special Reserve cost?

The combo of Buchanan’s Deluxe and Special Reserve of the 750 ml he combined Bodega Aurrera It has a price of 2,959 pesos, which is a bargain because it is cheaper than buying these bottles separately.

On theBodega Aurrerathe bottle, Buchanan’s 12 is worth 1,227.20 pesos and Buchanan’s 18 has a price of 2,403.62 pesos; in other words, if you buy it separately, you will pay 3,630.82 pesos, or more than 671.82 pesos in the package cost.

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