Bodega Orrera slashes 1,400 pesos on a minibar perfect for cooling down chills in your room

Bodega Orrera slashes 1,400 pesos on a minibar perfect for cooling down chills in your room

Bodega Aurera There are many items from the kitchen sector available and up for auction, like Ecco 6-litre pressure cooker set and aluminum cookware.

there is also a Minibar in modern design and red color, priced neither more nor less than the originally set price of 1,400 pesos.

Although this appliance can be placed in the area of ​​the house where food is prepared, you can also place it in your bedroom.

Whether it’s because you’re living alone and have less space, or just because you need a cooler that’s within reach at all times.

Luckily, this item has multiple levels, as well as racks to hold large amounts of food. It even has a vegetable drawer and freezer.

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How much is the 1,400 peso reduced minibar by Bodega Aureira?

The product we are referring to in this text is ATVIO brand refrigerator, available in red color and AT-3.3MBR model.

The device weighs approximately 20 kg and is made of plastic and iron. Furthermore, its dimensions are 85 cm high x 42 cm wide x 47 cm long.

The price of this accessory increased from 4,890 pesos to only 4,890 pesos 3 thousand 490 pesos, it means that Bodega Aurera applies a super discount of 1,400 pesos.

The product can be settled in 20 interest-free monthly payments, in a comfortable payment of only 174.50 pesos that will not affect your finances.

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When purchasing online, home delivery to the Valley of Mexico is included; In that sense, if the order is placed from today, the scheduled delivery is estimated to be on Wednesday, January 31.

  • Regarding its characteristics, its annual energy consumption is 220 kWh/year; It has a voltage of 115 V and 100 watts of power, as well as an excellent cooling system.
  • Its side hinges are made of stainless steel and, as we have already mentioned, it has separate shelves for storing food and a spacious drawer for vegetables.

RED ATVIO Minibar, Perfect for cooling down chills in your room There is a discount of 1400 pesos at Bodega Aurera, It has a one-year warranty which is directly applicable to the manufacturer.

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