Body found with burns in power chamber

Body found with burns in power chamber

On Monday morning, a body was found in an underground electricity chamber that had burns, so it is assumed that the man had burns killed by electrocution.

The situation occurred in the municipality of Independencia, in the metropolitan area, where the victim was would have stolen according to preliminary information.

What is known about the man who died while stealing cables in Independencia?

“Today (Monday), at about 6:20 a.m., the personnel of the Carabineros went to Avenida upon notification from the Cenco Communications headquarters Eduardo Frei Montalvafor the purpose of checking a body on public streets,” said Lt Andres said: Ronda Norte officer.

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“Carabineros personnel were deployed to the scene to verify, in particular, the presence of an adult male subject in an underground chamber, for reasons currently under investigation.” had various burns which ultimately caused his death,” he added.

This can be assumed due to the injuries to the body would have been electrocuted.

Investigation into the death of a man in an electricity chamber in Independencia

Additionally, the officer claimed that “several species are lying on the sidewalk that could correspond to the body.”

The discovery of a bag containing cables would indicate that the man would have stolen although Lieutenant Said made it clear that “the reason he was in that location is under review.”

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“The carabineros are already first and foremost and autonomous Run errands “We are on site to check what happened, but at the same time we are waiting for instructions from the prosecutor’s office,” he said.