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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Bollywood’s stories with Happy Ending ended at the airport

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Mumbai. If people are fond of films, then they can entertain themselves by watching any film in the world. But if it is about romance, then Bollywood movies have told people about everything. Whether waving mustard fields or a girl’s flying red scarf, romance is hidden in everything. Most of the romantic films are preferred here. That’s why romantic films are made more in Bollywood. There have also been many such films in Bollywood, in which the hero-heroine has stopped going away at the airport and has told her heart. So let us tell you about such happy ending love story of the airport.

Know you or know

The film ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ is one such film. In which five friends are told who are very close to each other. Hero-heroin are also close friends of each other. After many difficulties, they realize that it is not just friends but more than that. In such a situation, the hero goes to the airport to stop his heroin going away from him and expresses his mind in front of the public, expressing love. The audience loved the story of the film. Emraan Khan and Genelia D’Souza were seen in the lead role in this film.

Why i love

In the film ‘Main Pyar Kyun Kiya’, the audience got to see a tremendous combination of comedy and emotion. In this film, it was shown that Katrina Kaif (Sonia) and Salman Khan (Sameer) are lost in each other’s love. Salman narrates the story of false marriage to get love of his lover Katrina. In such a situation, he seeks the help of Sushmita (Naina) to show the truth of her false marriage and tells her to be his wife. After this, Salman realizes that he is in love with Sushmita after Katrina explains. In this, when Sushmita leaves everything and goes abroad, Salman celebrates her by going to the airport.

To Reside in Your Heart

In this film, it was shown that Hero (Maddy) falls in love with Heroine (Reena). Hero (Maddy) meets him as the second boy (Sam) to get the love of Heroine (Reena). But when the heroine realizes the truth of the hero, she leaves him and goes to marry the real Sam. On their wedding day, Hero goes to the airport to go to San Francisco. Then Heroine expresses her love by reaching there.

While walking

The film depicts the estrangement and love between husband and wife. The film mentions people of two different swabhavas. Those who fall in love with each other. Heroine (Priya) tries to adjust a lot with Hero (Raj), but the differences between them increase even more. Then after a few days, Heroine (Priya) leaves her hero (Raj) and stays at her aunt’s house. The hero then realizes that he cannot live without the heroin and goes to the airport to stop the heroin who goes to Greece and refuses his Priya and brings him back home.

Aye dil hai difficult

In the film, Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma played Ayan and Alije. Both of them are very good friends in this film. Ayan falls in love with Alije, but Alije considers Ayan to be her only good friend. In the film, Alije marries her boyfriend. However, their marriage does not last long. After some time Alije learns that she has cancer and after learning that she goes the farthest. Then Ayan comes back to her life and supports her. When Alije realizes that Ayan is in love with her, she plans to get away from Ayan but Ayan’s friendship stops her and Alije pretends to be sick at the airport and once again has Ayan She comes.


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