Bonuses and discounts on the purchase of Volkswagen cars for Christmas

 Motorized 2024 has begun!  Bonuses and discounts on the purchase of Volkswagen cars and new cars for Christmas

One of the benefits of the year that is about to end is that many companies have launched very attractive discounts that it is undoubtedly time to take advantage of.

Brands like Nissan, Ford and Volkswagen They share the bonuses and current discounts for the holiday season; however, this time we will focus on the German manufacturer.

If you want to know the Volkswagen cars with offers for December this year, here we inform you about them.

Volkswagen cars: Christmas offers to buy a car

As part of the Christmas promotions, the German manufacturer has launched discounts and other benefits for those interested in purchasing one of its units. Note that these promotions are available in Mexico.

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Volkswagen Taigun 2023: From 417,790 Mexican pesos

One of the most economical trucks of the brand is the December offer, with some interesting benefits:

  • The monthly payment is from 5,799 Mexican pesos for three years
  • Bonus of 44,000 Mexican pesos

Volkswagen Taos 2024: From 507,230 Mexican pesos

Those interested in a more sporty, aggressive model with superior performance cannot help but think of 2024. The following discounts are displayed on the portal:

  • Bonus up to 33,400 Mexican pesos
  • The monthly payment is from 6,999 Mexican pesos for three years

Volkswagen Virtus 2023: From 312,390 Mexican pesos

One of the sedans most popular of the brand, the Virtus 2023Besides being sold at a relatively affordable price, it also has very affordable bonuses and monthly payments.

  • Bonus up to 39,100 Mexican pesos
  • The monthly payment is from 4,299 Mexican pesos for three years
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Volkswagen Polo 2024: From 343,854 Mexican pesos

If there is a car that has become the standard of the brand in our country, this is it: the Poloand. For its 2024 model, it can be purchased with some additional benefits:

  • Bonus up to 34,800 Mexican pesos
  • Monthly payments from 4,599 Mexican pesos for 3 years

Note that the aforementioned promotions are available as long as the car is purchased through the brand’s financing plans, better known as Volkswagen Yes!.

To find out more details about German manufacturer discounts and financing plans, we invite you to click on the following link:.