Borghi attacks Jorge Valdivia behind a furious Radial opponent:

Claudio Borghi responded vigorously to the comments and none of Jorge Valdivia in a radio program. It shows the distance between the two since being four-time champions with Colo Colo more than 10 years ago.

a coach who was four time champion Was with Colo Colo in the national tournament Claudio BorgiA former Argentine player who, after his illustrious years ‘Casik’Captured La Rosa, then . at the exit of Marcelo Bilsa.

Unfortunately for the Trans-Andean, his act at the behest of national selection it wasn’t the best because Various acts of indiscipline and bad consequencesDue to which he was dismissed from the banking system of Chile, where broken relationship with the players he saw Grown up in the ‘popular’ box.

was one of them George ValdiviaThe elegant and clean Chilean midfielder who was touted as one of the leaders of the so-called ‘naming’ ended with the departure of Joe 5 star player of ‘Sabki Team’.

The former player, who shone in Palmeiras, was a panelist in an interview that DNA made George Sampaolik and where ’10’ de ninguneo la faena Borghi in command of the national team.

“George Sampaoli and Marcelo Bilsa’s work was brilliantBut we must not forget that in the midst of his arrival there was another coach (Claudio Borgi) With whom nothing happened, from the same campus, So winning is not that easy, you have to give more importance” Valdivia said.


Current TNT Sports Panelists, Claudio Borgi He felt offended and neglected by his former student, who, in the Radio Futuro program, replied with the words of ‘controversial’ Former attacking midfielder of the national team.

In the dialogue, Borghi remarked that “In his statements, Jorge Valdivia is absolutely correct. I won nothing in the Chilean team, absolutely nothing. I couldn’t go to the World Cup and I couldn’t win the Copa America, But if we can be first in the qualifying roundSomething that could be repeated neither before nor after in this system”.

“I was very excited about that process. And Valdivia is wrong, because it was not the same team that Bilsa and Sampaoli used, because I had to cut five players for indiscipline. Four of them were starting irreversible, not Valdivia, and I’ve had problems since then,” said the former. World champion with Argentina.

Moreover, he continued to defend himself and responded to the signals thrown at him by Valdivia. “ADN called me to work there after Juan Cristóbal Guarello left and all his problems. I said no, and that ‘no’ allowed Jorge Valdivia to start working there”thrown hard.

“He should know that maybe whatever I shed, he can use it as a source of work. you’ll be doing fine, but still He must understand that he doesn’t have much to know how to keep the position he is in.”Held.

However, he didn’t just answer that much, as he went on to express: “It hurts me because I have known him for a long time, because I have known his mother and father, his brother. I don’t know if I was ever important in his life or not.”

“It saddens me that people always have hate on the surface, but everyone knows how to handle it. This is something that catches my attention. The problem is when you want someone else to support your bullshit”Claudio Borgi concluded.

Contains a new episode George Valdivia and one of his former coaches, who responded without words to his ignoring ’10’ which was important to his team when they won the four-time championship ‘Casik’.

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