Brain-computer interface reaches humans, matrix closer and closer

A brain-computer interface is now undergoing clinical trials in human patients.

In a connected world like today, Wireless IoT devices make people’s lives smarter.

Brain implants, also known as neural implants, are microchips that plug directly into the brain of a human to establish a brain-computer interface that has become inactive due to medical problems, for example, However it is not required.

Elon Musk recently discussed the possibility of a future where human brains are implanted for a variety of reasons, from enhancing memory to listening to music. Their computer-chip brain implant known as Neuralink also holds promise for connecting the body’s muscles to a machine that aims to treat injuries and neurological problems.

It may seem that this achievement came from the hands of this company, but nothing is further from the truth. we talk about A lesser-known brain interface technology leader, Synchron, and its stentrod device.

A stentrode is a mesh set of electrodes that are implanted through a jugular vein. Since this procedure avoids invasive surgery on the skull or brain, that is a great advance and simplicity to solve medical problems.

This means a larger number of patients could benefit from this breakthrough if the trial shows it is safe enough. Note that the first trial in Australia with four patients developed well with no side effects after 12 months of use.

However, be very careful as we can see that our network security is known as brainjacking. It is a type of cyber attack in which a hacker gains unauthorized access to nerve implants in the human body.

This has been a topic of science fiction debate for decades, but with advances in implant technology it has become possible for these issues to arise.

to synchronize, It started working in 2012 and apparently, at the moment, it has not caused any inconvenience, If all goes well with human trials, the next step will be to show that this technology significantly improves patients’ lives.


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