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Brain: These are the benefits of boredom for health

The brain is an important organ of the body, which regulates its functions, that is, it has the ability to moderate what a person feels and thinks. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your health not only through a balanced diet, but also activities that exercise cognitive abilities and counteract their decline, such as puzzles.

Another way to protect the brain is from boredom, however counterintuitive it may sound. as per web portal health 180Odile Chabrilac, author of “C’est decided, je pense à moi”, explains that boredom is often related to laziness and laziness, but this is precisely the main reason why being bored has benefits not only for the brain but also for health. Is. in general.

In fact, according to a study by the University of Limerick, feeling bored can motivate people to find ways to engage in altruistic, empathetic, and creative endeavors.

Due to the above, the portal in question highlights some of the health benefits that people get from being bored:

  • Stimulate your creativity: As such, moments of boredom, especially at an early age, help develop imagination and creativity. simultaneously, According to researchers at the University of East Anglia in the UK, this helps them fight for themselves.
  • rest: Most people are constantly on the run due to problems at work or at home, and this can lead to moments of “real” boredom that allow the body to calm down and rest.
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Sleep helps to regain energy. Photo: Getty Images. – photo: Getty Images
  • Oxygenates the brain: 60 to 80% of the brain’s energy is devoted to maintaining connections between neurons, so when you yawn involuntarily you “oxygenate the brain” because it overheats and acts as a cooling process.
  • Mindfulness is achieved by: By doing nothing, meditation becomes fully active and awareness comes completely to the present. Even if a meditation technique is not followed, practicing meditation will help improve sleep quality and emotional stability.
  • edge off: In general, sustained activity without complete rest is related to higher levels of stress, depression, and fatigue. However, when the body experiences mild boredom and a complete stop, it will help promote lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • Time for myself: Being bored opens up the way to spend time with yourself, something that is rarely done. It helps to see the true desires and promotes creativity to work individually. It’s worth mentioning that boredom isn’t something that can be caused, so it’s a good idea to make the most of boredom.
Boredom activates creativity in people. – photo: ingiimage

On the other hand, Christopher Palmer, a neuroscientist and professor at Harvard University, revealed a series of habits that he has learned in his personal experience that must be broken in order to have more energy.

low carbs

in a channel post cnbc, the expert raises an important issue regarding food. He advises to reduce carbohydrates, because it has a direct effect on the brain. “Diet plays a role in obesity, diabetes, and heart health, but most people don’t realize that it also has a profound effect on the brain,” he says.

The norm is regular consumption of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and poultry. These foods, in addition to helping maintain a healthy weight and reducing substances such as cholesterol and sugar, favor the state of the brain.

Physical exercise

Being physically active is important to staying active. As such, Palmer recommends 45 minutes of training three to five times a week. Although he believes that it is not necessary to exercise every day, it is advised not to go more than two days without exercise.

Crunch Exercise Posture
Physical activity boosts the body’s energy and fights boredom. – photo: freepick

sleep well

Sleep is another important aspect, as not getting enough rest is detrimental to health. Experts recommend that adults get at least seven hours of sleep every night. “Lack of sleep can result in cognitive decline that may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease over time. It can affect mood and contribute to depression”, experts warn.

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