Brazil was unstoppable and was crowned champion of the Women’s Copa America 2022 with a perfect score

Brazil was unstoppable and was crowned champion of the Women's Copa America 2022 with a perfect score

On the night of this Saturday, July 30, Colombia and Brazil meet in the Grand Final of the CONMEBOL Copa America 2022.

With the Brazilian and undefeated goals for both teams so far undefeated in the competition, the duel between the coffee growers and canarinha It started at 7:00 pm Colombian time at the Alfonso López Pumarejo Stadium in Bucaramanga. This was the alignment of both sets:

Colombia (4-2-3-1 Dt: Nelson Abadia):

Catherine Perez; Daniela Caracas, Daniela Arias, Jorelin Carabali, Manuela Venegas; Daniela Montoya, Lorena Bedoya; Linda Cassado, Lizzie Santos, Catalina Usme; Myra Ramirez.

Brazil (4-4-2 DT: Pia Marianne Sundhej):

Lorraine; Antonia, Tanara, Raphael, Tamairs; Adriana, Angelina, Ariadina, Caroline; Beatriz Zanaretto, Deborah.

Game over: Brazil remains unbeaten in continental competition and won its eighth continental trophy in Bucaramanga.

min 89: Clear shot on goal by Catalina Usme that sends goalkeeper Lorena Alfonso López kicking into the corner in the eastern side of the stadium.

min 86:Brazil Transformation: B. Zanerato leaves and Geese enters.

min 84: Change in Colombia: Lorena Bedoya leaves and Gisela Robaldo enters.

min 75: Lizzie Santos receives a filtered pass from Catalina Usme and seeks the necessary position to find Linda Cassado, who ends up on the crossbar defended by Lorena.

min 73: After an offensive overflow on the left wing by Linda Cassado, Catalina Usme shoots with her left foot and her shot is deflected by the outside net of goalkeeper Lorena’s left arm.

min 72: Diana Ospina shoots from outside the area with the target target after receiving a pass from Linda Cassado. Goalkeeper Lorena saves without a problem.

min 66: Double change in Brazil: Ariadne and Caroline give up admitting Gabrielle and Luana respectively.

min 63: Change in Colombia: Myra Ramirez leaves and Diana Ospina enters.

min 59: Yellow card for Antonia in Brazil.

min 55: Yellow card for Beatriz Zanaretto in Brazil.

Minute 54: Significant savings for Colombia. Catalina Perez is dropped under the left wing to shake hands with Deborah.

min 53: Yellow card for Lorena Bedoya in Colombia.

min 52: Free kick for Brazil. B. Zanaretto charges with his left foot from outside the field and the ball passes outside Perez’s left-hand post.

The second half begins.

min 45, end of first part, Colombia never started losing in this tournament and Brazil continues with an undefeated fence in Lorena’s goal.

min 42: Clear arrival for Brazil. Ariadne was 0-2 in the legs after Catalina Perez executed a powerful right foot going over the crossbar of the defending goal.

min 40: Yellow card for Tanara in Brazil.

min 39, Brazil goal, Deborah Catalina stands twelve steps in front of Usme and scores with her right foot for 0-1 of the night canarinha,

min 36: Violation of Colombia inside territory and fine in favor of Brazil. Manuela Venegas arrives at the wrong time at the crossroads against B. Zanaretto.

min 26: The relationship between Linda Cassado, Lacey Santos and Catalina Usme bears fruit in Colombian contrasts. Usme ends with a left footed and the ball goes into a corner kick after Antonia intervenes.

min 20: Colombia’s goal is almost here! Brilliant shot by Catalina Usme, but better saved by goalkeeper Lorena. min 15: ‘Tricolor’ responds through Linda Cassado, who swung under the left wing, bowed and took a deflected mid-range shot. minute 10: Brazil caught the ball and confused Colombia a bit. Tough blow, injury and first change in Brazil Change in Brazil: No. 8, Angelina Alonso, comes out; Go with 10, doubt. minute 5: Very short play, with friction and many fouls, the game still doesn’t get into the rhythm.

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