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Break the mental plans to build a full wellness program

More than six years ago, on a hectic day, generated by my change of cares, this thought came to mind, “why does life begin where you had an end.”

At that very moment I stopped to think about my life, what my dreams, desires and ideals were, how I imagined him to be in my loved ones.

After this consideration, we could understand the life we ​​had to live at that time, a life carried on from day to day, in a context where the chances of fulfilling dreams were 3% and where 97% of thoughts were similar. “You will be equal to all.”

At 27 years old, I was already a professional with a high executive position in a company, but I didn’t have time to enjoy life, enjoy my family and fight for my dreams.

The profession was as described by the speaker José Bobadilla: with “repeated practice of things that take away the spirit and momentum and drag your life like a roasted chicken, lifeless, motionless and aimless”.

With these thoughts, I realized that the best decision is the life that touches me and start to travel and start the life that I dream of.

This renunciation of the old mental programming was the result of reading many books, acquired knowledge, which led me to understand that we are responsible and reprogram ourselves, and the best thing we can do is to install this program in our minds, according to by the desires and prayers of our heart that the life we ​​dream of becomes a reality.

I was reminded of the biblical proverb: “For such is his thought in his heart.”

With the sense and love of renewing and transforming our understanding and thinking, I am going to share with you what is the way to build a good mental purpose: Being, being strong, is full.

I begin by quoting Henry Ford’s quote: “If you can think, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you are also right.

But really, Ford was talking here about the suggestion for success or failure, which is a state of mind, and I found that the first step to building a successful program should be the right suggestions for the goal or objective, because fascination, charm, motivation, desire, strong suggestion.

But the suggestion of fear is also powerful, not being able, not deserving, not doing, not trying, or simply stating, and this is an easy way to abandon the goals, dreams, and objectives that have taken most advantage. in the lives of millions of people around the world.

But when you receive in your hands the right way to construct a mental model that corresponds to the discipline of our work to achieve our dreams, you will find all the ways and means to make them come true. When we talk about Well-Being, we talk about health in money, health in love, health in body and health in mind.

Another story that shows the power of suggestions was Thomas Alva Edison’s mother, who when reading a letter sent to her by her son, said: Your son has mental problems, we will not accept him in school. further ¨.

The mother cried, but she quickly bore him and said: my son, I am sending you a large letter read, and thus it says: Mrs. Nancy Matthews Elliott, your son is very talented, very intelligent; and in this school we don’t have really well-trained teachers to educate your child, you like to educate him at home.

This suggestion turned the boy Thomas Alva Edison into the genius we know in history with inventions such as the telegraph, the phonograph, the light bulb, and the electricity distribution system that we enjoy.

Let’s get to work and start building our own well-being organization by completing the following three actions to generate the right suggestions for success.

First, you will do a daily meditation of 10 minutes to give thanks for what you have, for what you have done, and for everything that you see coming and coming into your life.

This exercise will allow you to enter a state of heightened consciousness, where your subconscious will act every day and help you achieve your goals, because everything is good for you.

It works the mind and generates actions to achieve rewards, so each celebration for what you achieve is a reward for your mind, which is strengthened more and more every day.

Second, write 100 times a day, what you want to achieve or improve, or what you are working to grow, you will write in a powerful affirmation that you feel, vibrate, and be grateful that you write every time. , you will enjoy it, instill it, and create in your mind a neutral environment for new thought.

Things are created in three ways: in the mind, on paper, and then in matter.

We learn by repetition, and after a month you will have told your brain what you want three thousand times, with love and merit and gratitude. This is already the case. Because if you create it in your mind, it will appear in your world, and let’s add what Napoleon Hill said: “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, this is what the mind can create.”

Third: You will celebrate any good, beautiful, delightful situation that happens during the day, or any positive thing that happens to any person, close to you, known or unknown, believe this in your mind, all good and wonderful things. action takes place because you are there, so that where wonderful events are generated, constant thought is created, and things accomplished by suggestion.

With these three simple steps, the work you have not done before will be something new in your mind, and you will create new media connections and new ways of thinking that will give way to new ideas. bring in new emotions and feelings, and these will turn into the actions and results you expect.

With these tips, you will feel and see the movement of your being through the right automatisms, which will begin to generate precise energetic intentions, and the perfect language, which is the thought expressed, where you will reach and enjoy. had seen

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