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Breast augmentation operation: everything you need to know before

Despite the fact that the pandemic triggered facial treatment and surgerysuch as bichectomy, breast augmentation It remains the most sought-after aesthetic operation in Spain, mainly by younger women. However, this surgery raises several doubts that must be cleared before entering the operating room. Experts help us with this.

What are breast implants made of?

They can be of two types: silicone geltraditional fillings that have been used for over 50 years, and salt water solution, doctor Richard Park, a pioneer in Spain in plastic surgeon and reconstructive surgery, bets on the former, as its consistency is similar to that of the breast. “It is most efficient and safe, He uses Motiva Implants in his practice. “The silicone molecules are three-dimensionally linked, ensuring that the adhesive silicone gel cannot leak out of the silicone shell even in the extremely unlikely event of an implant rupture.”

What are the types of implants?

Prostheses can be of three types: round, fleshy (teardrop shaped) and ergonomic (with a round base and filled with adaptive gel). In addition there is different size and up to four degree of projection, Deciding what is best for each patient should be done in collaboration with the surgeon. Richard Fakin stresses that the final size of the breast depends not only on the size and position of the implant, but also on the size, position, and quantity. natural breast tissueskin laxity, and thickening of the pectoral muscles, “We should not fall into the misconception that anatomical implants produce natural results while round implants should produce obvious cleavage.”

Where are the implants placed?

There are three options: by over the pectoralis major muscle (underneath the breast tissue, subglandular), for beneath muscle and its connective tissue (submuscular) or in such a way that the upper pole of the implant is covered by the pectoralis major muscle, while the lower pole is predominantly subglandular (double plane). According to Dr Fakin “The most important criterion for deciding the position of the implant is skin thickness covering the upper pole and the amount of underlying fatty tissue.”

Are the scars visible in the long term?

Another frequent question is the issue of marks. The incision can be made in different places: inframemory fold (Only in the fold of the breast, it leaves a very visible scar), inside the pigmented circlewhich also leaves barely visible scars, and in armpits (This is less common, and the marks will only be visible when the arm is raised). Although each patient requires a prior analysis to assess the best option, of the 3 options, Dr. Fakin prefers access through the inframammary fold, “unless breast augmentation is combined with a simultaneous breast lift.” Don’t be.” Access through the inframammary fold “shows the lowest incidence of capsular fibrosis over time.”

Can you lose sensation in the breast or nipple?

doctor Ignacio Laloumet, a plastic surgeon at Clínica FEMM, explains that “it will depend on the technique used. The prosthesis is usually placed under the muscles and fat of the chest, so There is a lot of loss of sensitivityreduced, Yes, it may be affected to some extent after surgery, but it heals progressively over months. In the case of the nipple, it can become numb if the fourth intercostal nerve is affected during the operation, so it is always important to go to a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation. “In my case, whenever possible I usually make the surgical incision through the submammary fold, so this area is not affected in any way.”

Elsa Pataky is one of the celebrities who has had breast augmentation surgery.


Can You Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation?

Another frequent question and the origin of many false rumors is what happens to breastfeeding after breast augmentation surgery. According to Dr. Laloumet «silicone does not affect breast milk Because it does not have any negative effect on the chest tubes. In addition, the enhancement technique does not affect the glandular tissue. The implant is placed under the muscles and mammary glands and the incision itself has no negative consequences, so it is possible to breastfeed without risk.

How is the operation and post-operative period?

Although this is not a very long operation (it lasts approx. One hour), is still an intervention that is commonly performed general anesthesia, which requires hospitalization for 12 to 24 hours. The doctor will prescribe pain relievers to reduce general discomfort in the first days. generally, you can work in 4-5 days and lead a normal life, but you can’t do sportslifting weights or making a lot of effort until they pass 4-6 weeks, In addition, it is necessary to carry a special bra, In addition, it is also necessary to heal the scars.

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