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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Breastfeeding mothers should take care of themselves, so that no harm is done to the baby

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Feeding the baby after birth is part of a normal process, but if you are a new mother, then it is very important to know some things related to breast feeding so that you or your baby will not have any kind of problem. .

In general terms, first understand that whatever you eat and drink, it has a direct effect on your baby. The effect of those things reaches the baby through the feed. In such a situation, you need to take special care of your food, because even if you have any problem, even the youngest will surely be affected by it.

400 to 500 extra calories needed every day

Mothers who are going to breastfeed the baby also need to eat things that give enough energy to their body, otherwise weakness can come. Such women need 400 to 500 extra calories every day. In such a way, eat plenty of protein-rich food such as eggs, milk, beans, etc. Eat different types of nutritious food, so that the child gets full nutrition. Do not forget to take vitamins and mineral supplements given by the doctor.

Do not let the liquid things fall short

Do not let the mothers who are breast feeding lack water in their body. Drink at least three to four liters of water throughout the day. Drink water before breast feeding. Apart from this, juice taken at home can be taken as soup. Coconut water will also benefit greatly. But do not take juice pack or sorbet found in the market.

It is important to avoid these things

1- Avoid taking sour things or citrus fruits that contain vitamin C. Due to this, the acid in the milk starts to build up and there is a possibility of the stomach of the baby getting upset.

2- Do not consume too much of the things which are too sweet or which are rich in fiber. Otherwise, the baby may also get gas in the stomach and may have digestive problems.

3- If you are fond of tea and coffee, then take it in limited quantity. Through them, caffeine reaches inside you, which also goes inside the baby through milk. This causes the baby to fall into sleep and becomes irritable. Apart from this, tea and coffee also make trouble for gas.

4- Although garlic is beneficial in health, but all the research has revealed that children do not like the smell of garlic. The smell of garlic lasts for a long time, so they are unable to feed. It is better to avoid garlic in this situation.

5- Avoid too much cold stuff. Due to this, the child may have problems like cold, cold.

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