Bret Hart believes Vince McMahon's scandal will get even worse

Bret Hart believes Vince McMahon's scandal will get even worse

The Vince McMahon sex scandal is something that has been discussed a lot in the press and social media, but not so much among wrestling professionals. Seth Rollins talked openly about this throughout the week and slowly others also gave their opinion.

In an interview with Abraham Josephine Riesman for, Bret “The Hitman” Hart has spoken openly about what happened and despite respecting Vince McMahon as a great businessman, he assured that a Knowing that there is no respect for him as a person right now. happened. Hart also believes that the case has just begun and that Grant is very likely only a part of what happened behind the scenes.

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“I’m going to tell my truth,” Hart commented on the phone to a surprised reporter. “I don’t care about Vince’s feelings. He never cared about mine. I don’t mind kicking everyone’s head in the parking lot. I think it’s good that the truth came out,

“I don’t think this is an isolated incident of this type of violent behavior,” Hart said. ,I think this has happened in other places too, He’s like Jeffrey Dahmer, Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein: Vince would be like that. “He will always be connected to this story, especially as he grows, grows and grows up.”

“I think, despite all my problems with Vince, I know deep down I’ve always respected him, but now, knowing what kind of weirdo he’s become, I have absolutely no respect for him.,

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It should be remembered that Vince McMahon and Bret Hart have had a complicated relationship since the Montreal Screwjob, a controversial incident that took place in 1997 at the Survivor Series in Montreal, Canada, involving wrestler Bret Hart and the WWE owner. During the WWE Championship match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon ordered the referee to end the match abruptly and declare Michaels the winner, without Bret Hart’s knowledge or consent. This was because Bret was leaving WWE to join their competition WCW and he refused to lose the title in Canada. The “Montreal Screwjob” generated controversy and tension between Hart and McMahon, as well as wrestlers and WWE in general.

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Hart’s return to WWE occurred slowly over the years, with occasional small appearances on WWE shows. However, Hart’s official return to WWE occurred in January 2010, when he returned to Monday Night Raw to confront Vince McMahon and end the feud. The moment was an exciting moment for fans and an opportunity for Hart and McMahon to close the chapter on the “Montreal Screwjob” and move forward on good terms.


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