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‘Brian & Charles’ shows there’s room in today’s cinema for compassionate comedy without irony, cynicism or shame

Sometimes it seems that cinema is ashamed to insert jokes into its plot, let alone be completely comedy from beginning to end. Producers anticipate possible reaction on social networks and being very aware, ironic about one’s own humor That these are situations that cannot happen in the real world. The actors looking up after getting bumped, the awkward silence after a sentence, the interpretation of the joke to make sure no one thinks the characters are so stupid… The sincerity of the humor seems to be completely lost, but, At the end, Healthy Laughter Only Takes a Little Movie to Fix It At the same time it warms our hearts (a little).

robot dancing

‘Brian and Charles’ starts out as a farce they never give us much information about but He distorts his system when he wants, without affecting the viewer. Although the film suddenly switches to a more traditional film format, it doesn’t seem awkward or disjointed at any point, perhaps because there are parts (particularly in its third act) in which you have to carry a camera over your shoulder. And interviewing would have been harmful. and nothing happens: It’s as organic and short as the entire film.

The Characters Of ‘Brian And Charles’ Aspire To Be Real, Yes, But They live in a magical reality environment where robots can have artificial intelligence and the bodies of washing machinesThe invention of an Android capable of reasoning does not take over the world and the only thing that changes the life of its inventor is in the emotional part. Nor is he the least bit interested in introducing you to a science-fiction world in which it is possible, nor is it necessary: ​​an extroverted gentleman builds a robot that is unlike ‘M3gan’, a washing machine along with the body and a mask that he got from there. What more rationale do you need?

Brian And Charles

In a time when needlessly complicated stories are rewarded both plotly and emotionally, it’s comforting to see a film like this, simple in intent and plot but not to the point of being frivolous or unorthodox, He wants to tell a simple yet emotional story with three main characters that are impossible to get lost in and that you don’t need any context to see. An oasis, a hot chocolate, a tape as sweet as it is funny That you don’t need to aspire for more.

my body is a washing machine

But ‘Brian and Charles’ wouldn’t be doing as well as it did if it weren’t for An excellent design of a robotic hero that is both quirky and charmingShe has rebellious teenage goodness at heart and a voice with almost no dramatic inflection that knows how to dance, finds it hard to keep quiet and little by little He’s acquiring human qualities that make him more of a person Compared to those who live in the small town in Wales where the film takes place.

Brian Y Charles

This is where the film slips a bit: His antagonist is a hopeless villain whose only motivation for doing evil is… well, having fun doing it. With the emotional work the script has to offer with Brian’s two main relationships (Charles, his robot-son, and Hazel, his girlfriend), the villains have too many extremes and lack some gray: He is not believable and his appearance is nothing more than a Marvel villain from the 60s. A minor blur in a film, on the other hand, is relatively infrequent.

Yes, ‘Brian and Charles’ is short and simple, but that is exactly what it purports to be. I know Refuse to cheat anyone. Like her humor, she’s honest and not shy. Being an engaging film that isn’t going to change your life, but with which it’s imperative to have a good time laughing out loud with characters who walk the fringes of awkwardness and marginality, but whom the film never quite reckons with. It’s a very different proposition from what we’re used to seeing, surrounded by bombastic films that try to leave an emotional residue, but not least because of this: Sometimes you just need to watch movies like these.

complexity of the simple

‘Brian and Charles’ Are Kind, Dwarf, Full of Heart, a main character as great as it is weird and a tone that seems easy to achieve, but isn’t: after all, the humor that emanates throughout the footage is the exact point of rarity, so that in this defense No audience can be excluded. Weird and own personality. It is attractive, beautiful, unique and with enviable designs. so much that Fully exposed to malicious criticism.

Like its protagonist, Brian, the film knows exactly who he is and what he wants to do. He doesn’t try to hide himself with more complicated layers and in his intentions by fully exposing himself and making no interpretation other than the literal, Throwing poison darts is easy. But, deep down, it’s like mistreating someone of integrity who has never done anyone wrong and whose intentions and accomplishments are as simple as they are admirable. He won’t be.

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This is Jim Archer’s film debut and he has achieved something that is not so common nowadays: Combine light comedy with a unique and personal touch, the kind showing a film that never tries to disguise itself as what it is not and refuses to hide comedy with its mix of genres. yes it’s true, it fails (especially in its third act) but it never ceases to be so An adorable and charismatic little gem whose biggest crime is not being more than she wants to be.

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