Bridgetton star Simon Ashley says that as a woman of color, she ‘works hard’ twice.

Well known reader, like her character Kate Sharma, “Bridgetton“Star Simon Ashley I am not afraid to express her opinion.

The British-born British actress described herself as a “little fighter” in the “Buy Smith Smith” podcast on Tuesday, but she is well aware of how rare it is to see South Asian women play a leading role. In swimming, Western television and film.

“For me, I am always like any other actor, I can do this. I can put the script in front of me and bring the character to life and I’m smart and I got creative ideas and I can do that, ” Ashley explained. But I think, yes, as a woman and a woman of color, you have to work harder.

“We’re working twice as hard, but you know what, I’m doing it again,” she said, adding to her triumphant victory in the popular Netflix series.

Simon Ashley will be competing at the 2021 Fashion Awards in London.
Simon Ashley will be competing at the 2021 Fashion Awards in London.

Gareth Cattermole / BFC via Getty Images

She says it’s a good idea to push your dreams and achieve them no matter what.

However, she told reporters that she had “some doubts” about her “speaking to reporters away from her character”. “It was difficult to ignore the fact that this place is going to make a big difference, especially for South Asian women, and we are still in the process of normalizing it,” he said.

Ashley says: “Hopefully one day the goal will be fully realized and there will be a sense of security for women of all heritage and cultures.

“Sex Education” star revealed to Net-A-Porter In March, she said, “you are very proud of my heritage” but as a “spokesperson for the people of India” it is a great responsibility.

“My responsibility is to read the script, to work, to organize and to do a good job. That’s it,” she told me. Opportunities should be open to everyone, and I think it is enough to be there.

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