Brief love affairs that marked a milestone in Hollywood

Brief love affairs that marked a milestone in Hollywood

Today we remember the short-lived couples that were born in an industry where everything happens in a second.

Romances between Hollywood artists and peers are commonplace, yet many of these love affairs last only for a moment. That said, once they come to light, their protagonists will surely be aloof, and that’s how times work in this industry where everything is ephemeral, fast, and without very permanent supports.

The first affair in question, which only happened in the blink of an eye, was that between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, which only lasted a few weeks and was forgotten.

On the other hand, almost ten years ago the filming of the film “Adult World” took place, in which two of the stars fell in love. On that note, the actors were Evan Peters and Emma Roberts, daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia Roberts. The relationship began with an impending crush and lasted seven years. They were also cast in the series “American Horror Story” and caused a stir in all seasons in which they acted. Love was a fire and they traveled all over the world until an incident of domestic violence broke out on a trip to Canada, where Emma ended up being interrogated by the police. Another crisis ensued after a marriage proposal, but they overcame it and chose each other again.

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Even Britney Spears, the pop diva, knew how to get married after partying with her best friend in Las Vegas. However, after 60 hours they decided to break up as it had been a drunken blunder.

Almost in the late 90s, Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman met at an event and decided to go to a disco. With a late-morning chat, the celebrity began to go out. Also, he was in a relationship that ended prematurely, allowing him to date the model and actress. Back then, she was a model and actress on a hit show while he played basketball, had a bad boy reputation and their planets were destined to unite. The two were very good at their jobs and even at romance novels. Recall that Dennis split up, had a daughter and even had an affair with Madonna that lasted a few months while Carmen had been Prince’s girlfriend. The newlyweds got married, it lasted only nine days, and anger brought everything to sunset.

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Pete Davidson, known for his work as a comedian and actor, had an affair with Ariana Grande that lasted only a few weeks. He also later rose to fame through a very brief relationship with Kim Kardashian, who dated him when he was in the process of breaking up with her ex-husband.

Another great romance was between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who met on the set of a dangerous relationship and then in another film. They got engaged, and they got engaged, but they never made it down the aisle because the bond ended sooner. After the breakup, a few years passed and they chose each other again, got married and lived under the same roof.

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