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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Arman Hanis, the lawyer for Chandravati, wife of Inspector General Ferdi Sambo, revealed that Brigadier Nofresiyah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J’s attitude in the last days before her death was suspected of being different.

What was the difference between Brigadier J’s attitude?

There are two things that according to Armaan Hannis show a different attitude from a Brigadier J.

Brigadier J was invited to take a family photo with Ferdi Sambo, according to Arman Hanis, according to colleagues.

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Brigadier J was also reprimanded once by Ferdi Sambo’s aide for using PC’s property as perfume for Sambo’s wife.

Armaan told reporters, “Once, Joshua was even reprimanded for wearing Mrs. PC’s perfume. It was all told by the ADC. I am also waiting for the colleague to submit the results to COMNAS HAM. Everything has been checked,” Armaan told reporters. , Saturday (30/7/2022).

Not only that, Armaan said, Brigadier J’s strange behavior and was caught again by fellow allies when Brigadier J pointed his shotgun at Ferdi Sambo’s photo.

“The information from the adjutant was that Joshua suspected the head of the Propam Division (Inspector General Sambo) of firing his gun at the picture. He was also reprimanded by the adjutant. I don’t ask him often (allegedly) on the picture of Sambo.” Pointed the gun. But he did,” Armaan explained.

With regard to the informant, Arman Hanis was reluctant to reveal the identity of the collaborator in question.

Armaan also admitted that he still did not know the motive behind Brigadier J pointing a gun at his client.


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