Bristol strip club closed after fourth parking lot this year

If the club cannot find a new location after two years, the city will have the option not to renew the license in accordance with the agreement.

Bickle said the club did “everything we had to do” under the agreement, including installing an ID card reader and adding additional parking lights and security personnel at the door. He also agreed to move the closing time from 2 or 2:30 am to midnight, and was allowed an additional half-hour extension of the time during which he remained violence-free, Bickle said. He said the club’s current closing time is 1:30 am.

City Council Chairman Gerald Derr and the attorney, who represented eight residents in a formal complaint against the club, did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

According to the sheriff, in the early morning of March 7, several shots were fired outside the club. Four days earlier, a severely drunk man had reportedly fired several shotgun shots towards the club, and on February 27, someone in or near a parking lot apparently fired into the air as they drove out of the area.

Bristol strip club closes after repeated shooting

No one was hurt in the shooting, but some neighbors said they represented a dangerous escalation of noise, loitering and other problems associated with the club in the past.

Bickle, a former NASCAR driver, said he was “disappointed” by the recent violence and “ready to move to Costa Rica.” He said that he and his partner Jerry Wood have yet to find a new location for the club. Bickle also owns the Boxx Office strip club outside Portage.


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