Britain says Russia has “increased pressure” on Avdeevka in Donetsk, Ukraine, in recent weeks

Britain says Russia has

British intelligence services talk of “street-by-street urban fighting” in “one of the main focuses” of Russian offensive

The intelligence services of the United Kingdom said this Thursday that the Russian army has in recent weeks “increased pressure” on Ukrainian positions around the city of Avdeevka, located in the Donetsk (East) province and “one of the main centers” of Moscow. military operations.

“Russia continues its attacks on the city’s south-eastern border with street-by-street urban warfare,” he said, adding that Russia had “rotated additional forces” into the area in recent weeks. Is. “Ukraine continues to launch counter-attacks to ensure that the main supply route remains in use.”

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Thus, he states that “during the past four weeks, about 600 guided munitions have been fired from tactical aircraft at Ukrainian targets in Avdiivka”, a 66 percent increase in these attacks over the past two weeks.

“However, Russian aircraft are forced to launch munitions from a distance, reducing their accuracy in the face of the constant threat from Ukrainian defense systems,” published by the British Ministry of Defense via your account on social. According to a statement, he explained. Network X.

Finally, British intelligence services have stressed that “Russia will continue its offensive pressure in the region in the coming weeks and will rely heavily on its strategic airpower to support these efforts.”

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